Radio Flote, helping independent musicians/bands publicise their talent

Music has always been a part of Indian culture. But comparing the percentage of population seeking a career in the industry to the opportunities available, the reality seems very disappointing. In an effort to provide struggling musicians a platform to showcase their talent, Mahadevan Kalyanaraman and Sikanth Gopinath, two young musicians have come up with Radio Flote – a platform helping singers/bands to live their dream.

Radio Flote is an online radio that streams the work of talented musicians across all genres. The idea is to create a sustainable environment for musicians to be able to create, promote and monetize their content, directly to audiences worldwide.

Artists need to send their creations and the best songs get a chance to get listed on Radio Flote. “We choose the music without any bias or prejudice and bring it to our audience of music lovers. However, we make sure that the quality and content of any song is good enough. We try to avoid monotonous songs in our listing.” says Mahadevan.

Established in August 2011, Radio Flote has more than 2000 listeners with an average of 10000 hits per month. It’s catalog features over 750 songs from more than 350 artists/bands. Radio Flote also has an iOS and android app which allow users to listen to the uploaded songs on the go.

Planning to add few revenue streams in future time, Radio Flote has a very unique idea for musicians to monetize from the platform. Once the channel manages to attain a certain growth point and acquires a significant percentage of users, it will introduce subscription charges for users and will share 70% of its profits with musicians. Advertisements could be another revenue stream.

“We are targeting music lovers and patrons of music. There is a huge audience in India (2 million+), who is thirsty for great music. However, the toughest part of running the business has been reaching out to people. added Mahadevan. Despite of the impressive scope in the market, it took nearly 8 months for Radio Flote to achieve its 1000 users mark in the beginning, as the company was tight with budget and couldn’t market itself resulting into only word of mouth publicity of Radio Flote.

With its main focus on finding more amazing musicians everyday and adding maximum number of users on board, Radio Flote is looking forward to partner with organizations who have empathy for musicians, to join forces, and make music a viable career in India. The company has recently partnered with Earthsync/Indiearth to help promote independent musicians.

Other startups competing in the space include Tune Patrol, Music Fellas and Ok Listen.

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