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In an attempt for robust online shopping experience, each and every etailer today is working hard to innovate new ideas. From simple window shopping to a personal stylist experience, one can have it all online. Following the trend,, a Mumbai based startup has come up with a new idea. is a color theme focused ecommerce website for females which allows them to discover, share and buy apparel and other accessories created around color palettes. The website is designed to provide a color focused style recommendations and users can even create their own style via a cool feature.

The website consists of various inbuilt outfits under various functionalities –  make it work (which consists of designer suggested outfit even including accessories), popular street theme and celebrity fashion. Under celebrity fashion, a user can buy clothes famous as celebrity styles. Now if someone like Kate Hudson or Katie Holmes, here’s the chance to find where to buy.

The website also allow users to customize the dress as well as accessories by various available options. However, the customization is limited to color selection and a few other available designs similar to the product.

A users can also tag their photo on the website under activity feed section and know what others have created or are buying from the portal.

The portal provides a good collection of products from several Indian and international online retailers including – net-a-porter,, and more with an affiliate model. Providing choices of colors and matching codes as a part of overall outfit, the website delivers a new and more real like experience for choosy shoppers.

Once signed up, a user gets logged in automatically to his/her account and can begin adding images, personal details or an avatar to explore and shop products as per color preferences. was founded by Suma Mandagiri in 2012.

With these new layers of ecommerce portals being added over the generic online retailing of fashion all ranging from window shopping to personal stylist, we would be tracking how consumers buying behaviors changes with new tools being added in their shopping habits and lifestyle. Other startups working in similar field include Seat14A, Voonik and more.

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