Is there a dedicated tools market in online? Toolskart thinks so

India is the 18th largest producer of machine tools in the world. Despite of economic slowdown, the country has a high consumption of construction and other tools. But the supply, in comparison to the high demand of these tools, is highly unstructured. Understanding this, ToolsKart a Ludhiana based startup has come up with an online store for all kinds of tools’ requirements.

From a standard to an automatic cordless screwdriver – ToolsKart have them all. The company offers a range of tools including general hand tools, building tools, power tools, measuring tools, garden tools, safety wears, professional hand tools, DIY hand tools, and thus, helps businesses and individuals buy a quality product from a reliable source.

It supplies tools directly from manufacturers, with an inventory based model and thus delivers branded products on a comparatively cheaper price than other private stores. The company also books bulk orders to cater to the need of supplying branded tools in India.

With a complete product description, the company provides tools from leading brands like Bosch, Samsan, Skil and Tiger Tools and is looking forward to add few more brands in near future, from brands like Ralli Wolf and Hitachi in it’s showcase. ToolsKart also provides a money-back guarantee on its products within a period of 30 days.

“Tools are important in day to day life. The demand is increasing due to increase in automobile sector. Trend on buy online can ease customers to buy wide variety of tools online with best quality and best prices. There is DIY market coming up in India and with no site for indian market which caters to niche tool segment. Being direct supplier from manufacturer, from ToolsKart customer get the tools at economical prices.” added Sanchit, founder at ToolsKart.

The availability of these tools online should be interesting for the audience and market it targets, and being online might be a good opportunity to generate bulk orders as well for Toolskart.

What will also be worth noticing is the participation of sellers from the non-metro cities in the ecommerce race in India with all the tools they have got.

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  1. 1

    If the target is B2C (as mentioned on post)-How many of us know the difference between a Posi & Negi-Drive, Coping, Crosscut Saw or Gimlet? The website needs to build awareness possibly with a Glossary and terminology of tech. words, and India with a ‘Do It Yourself’ tenet? Unthinkable…

  2. 2

    ecommerce is certainly an opportunity for such ventures where products are not generally / easily available in market. Some of these startup have the potential of changing retail play..


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