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Now retailers can engage customers better with a new SaaS based loyalty platform ‘inloyal’

Mumbai based internet services company, Forysta Ventures is launching a SaaS-based customer loyalty platform –‘inloyal’ which will allow customers to access their loyalty cards on a virtual pocket.

With ‘inloyal’ brands can also prepare their own loyalty program, integrate with storefronts all hosted on a cloud.

Retailer currently might be facing a lot of challenges in managing their loyalty programs and are not able to figure realtime ways to reward ‘actually’ loyal customers. There are also challenges on the customers end in handling multiple loyalty cards, or coupons, at the same time.

The ‘inloyal’ platform is all designed to solve the above issue for both customer and merchants with various powerful features.

For customers it will make it easy to carry the loyalty cards of multiple retailers on a same app, as no more heavy wallets with loyalty cards. It can even let consumers to redeem the points with the app while shopping, get exclusive deals and coupons pushed by the retailers, and all that with no third party ads.

For merchants, it definitely offers more important functionalities of customer engagement, actually understanding who your loyal customer is, pushing offers and campaigns exclusively , integrating with POS, creating a rewarding strategy, social media and analytics and more.

All of the above is built out on a cloud based technology with mobile app as the frontend for consumers.

Talking with iamwire, Kunal Mehta, Co-Founder and Director, Forysta Ventures, highlights, “We have launched the platform and have started integrating with retail clients. The app is the front end interface where customers shall be able to manage their loyalty pockets. The app will be available on both iOS and Google Play in a few weeks and BB10 and WP later. The platform is live and ready for the retailers to start plugging in”.”

With the launch of inloyal, Forysta Ventures will now seek to solve the problem for retailers and customers which it have been experimenting since long with its multiple products. It plans to generate revenues with Merchants accounts and will provide it free to consumers.

Forysta Ventures has been in this space since 2008 and its early product includes,, where customers can look for coupons relevant to their town and, a deal site which could not do well due to market dynamics.

Wookart is another upcoming product of Forysta Venture is a SaaS-based technology platform where retailers can create their own eCommerce and mCommerce sites.

Forysta Ventures will also be exploring the options to launch inloyal and Wookart in other countries as well.

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