Now keep a track of your kid’s activities on Facebook with ‘Let Teens Be’

Parental control and website blocking sometimes are not the most constructive ways to keep kids safe online, rather they should be allowed to explore the world of internet with parental support and controlled surveillance.

Working with similar belief, Gungroo, a Bangalore based tech company focused to build safe-web applications for kids has designed ‘Let Teens Be’ – a Facebook app for parents.

Allowing parents to hover their kids activities on Facebook, the app provides a dashboard overview of who their teens have added as friend and what’s publicly visible on their teens’ profile.

“Our Facebook App ‘Let Teens Be’ strikes the perfect balance between parent’s peace of mind and teen’s sense of freedom,” said Dinker Charak, Founder and CEO at Gungroo. “Parents get a dashboard overview of what’s publicly visible on their teen’s profile and who their friends are. ‘Let Teens Be’ respects Facebook’s privacy policy and works within its scope.”

Due to the app’s integration with Facebook, a parent must have a Facebook account. The app allows users to get regular updates of their kids’ activities on Facebook, and keeps a record of past 7 days’ activities, any information older than that gets deleted automatically. Talking of its success, the app witnessed more than 50 downloads in its first day of launch.

The application is free to download and gives free access to monitor 1 user, however, to track more than one user, the subscriber needs to pay a total of $1 and thus help company to monetize. Still, if one doesn’t want to pay, he/she can instead recommend the app to four other Facebook members and add unlimited Facebook users to his/her ‘to be scrutinized’ list.

The parent company Gungroo provides interactive learning platform for kids, gaming and arts activities with a safe social layer via moderated messaging and social plug-ins that allow kids to communicate with friends and family based on rules set by the parents.

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