N3TWORK, a silicon valley startup trying to solve the problem of web content clutter

The internet world today is highly cluttered with an overwhelming amount of content available in an unstructured way. Whenever a user tries to find out something on internet, he/she ends up with a number of opened tabs, and that too all disparate pieces of information and data.

N3twork, an internet based technology startup is developing a new product, which according to the company will change the way users consume content over internet.

The company in its effort to re-imagine and invent a new layer of the Internet, has told techcrunch that they are building a consumer-facing app to be launched sometime later this year. The app however, won’t work like other social networks which aggregates user information. “At N3twork, we’re creating a new index of the Internet around interests” Young said.

The startup is coming up with a product that is more user centric, giving relevant information which works seamlessly across devices. Trying to maintain the curiosity in public, the website doesn’t talk much about the product.

In addition to Erik Lammerding, cofounder at N3twork, its other founding members includes Neil Young,  Bob Stevenson and Alan Yu who earlier had an exit of $400mn through Ngmoco – a mobile gaming company, which was sold to DeNA.

Interestingly, the new startup founders have raised a $12 million funding from same investor for their new project. KPCB, Google Ventures and Mike Maples’ Floodgate who earlier backed Ngmoco . But now the team is going beyond gaming to look for more booming opportunity as gaming has become quite competitive as per them.

According to a report by KPCB, there are 2.4 billion Internet users around the world and increasing with an 8% of Y-o-Y growth and data is continuously increasing as more and more people are adding content each day, this provides an overloaded amount of unstructured information to people. Several organisation providing big data solutions to businesses and apps like Flipboard are trying to cut irrelevant data available to users. We will have to wait and watch how network will try to overcome the problem as it claims not to be another Flipboard in the market.

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