Metisme – attachment management system for gmail

Email is one of the most useful innovations in the history of World Wide Web. A wonderful thing about email is that it is asynchronous, one doesn’t have to deal with it at the time of its reception unlike phone calls. This very property of email, over its ability to send files, has made it one of the most preferred forms of communication.

But unlike old times, emails aren’t just a mode of communication today, they have become a repository of information – for sharing and storing documents, photos, phone numbers, addresses, and lots more. With overbearing load of communication and high volume of emails, individuals and businesses often find themselves in jeopardy, either to locate the right thread of messages or by simply losing the conversation in haywire, forever. When it comes to managing attachments and simply relocating earlier conversations that are exchanged over emails, it’s quite a painful process for businesses as well individuals.

To enhance the basic functionality of Gmail and other traditional email – a Mumbai based startup Metisme has developed a web application that makes it easy to manage and work with attachments stored over emails.

For businesses, on top of searching the right information/document amid thousands of mails, there’s a bigger problem – maintaining email attachments. Consider the case of a graphics designer who uses Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter and an enterprise project management tool as part of his daily work cycle. Now, transferring files from email to any of the other web applications that he uses daily, is a painful and time consuming process, which includes manual downloading of attachments one-by-one and then re-uploading the files to a particular web service.

How it works?

Once installed, its web application integrates with the existing email clients and thus eliminate the process of downloading additional softwares like ‘Mail merge’. The application allows users to search and navigate through thousands of attachments buried inside one’s email, and manage them by sharing the attachments (right from inside the email) over its web applications. The application is currently in private beta as a Chrome browser plugin and works seamlessly with Gmail. The product is expected to be launched in next couple of days.

“Emails today still look like late 90s. A lot has been written about the problems in our current email platforms, but no significant changes have been done to improve and make it compatible as per today’s needs. So, we set out to delve deeper into  this problem and this is how the idea of MetisMe was born.” says Shalin Tejpal Jain founder at Metisme.

Envisioned to make emails a hassle free mode of communication, the team is continuously working to enhance its capabilities and develop more user friendly, email integrated products. MetisMe is also a part of The Morpheus, a startup accelerator in India.

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