Meet Microsoft BizSpark top 3 Chennai winners

Microsoft BizSpark, on its hunt to discover and support the next wave of promising technology start-ups in India, reached Chennai yesterday. The event which took place at DoMS 101, IIT Madras, Chennai has its top 3 winners working in the field of cloud based technology.

Following are the top 3 technology service providers from Chennai –

Array Shield (Winner) – Founded in 2011, Array Shield Technologies pvt. ltd. provides pattern based password protection solutions. The company’s patent protected two factor authentication technology (IDAS 2FA) has also won multiple awards at global levels. ArrayShield is a member of NASSCOM India & is now a regional winner of Microsoft BizSpark startup challenge. The company will be in spotlight again on 7th June in Bangalore.

Tharakan Web Innovations (First runner-up) – Developed, a secure online document verification and authentication portal which enables document issuer, owner and its user to be in a single web ecosystem enabling faster, cost-effective and efficient verification and authentication of documents.

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ContractIQ (Second runner-up) – Is an online platform where companies come and search outsourcing vendors for their technology needs in the field of mobile/web application development, product engineering, big data, dev ops and cloud computing.

Other startups that caught our interest from Chennai includes –

Brainvalley – Brainvalley Software Pvt. ltd. is an IT solutions provider for education institutes. The company provide tools to measure student performance reports, effective test administration, Value Added practice test solutions etc.

Doctor Spring – An online health platform which help patients to solve medical issues online as well as on mobile phone via text or video/audio call.

Insane Labs – Founded in 2011, Insane Labs is a tech startup supporting business integration and automation and enabling businesses to improve their productivity and ROI.

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Synergita – Providing talent management solution to organisations, Synergita is a division of Asteor Software pvt. ltd. The company with its performance management tools help organisations to manage annual performance appraisals and other employee rewarding solutions.

Earlier Microsoft visited Pune and Delhi on 1st June. Startups who have won from these cities are Intellocut (Delhi) and kPointTechnologies (Pune).

The search is still on for fresh and innovating ideas that can help shape the future of Cloud computing and Mobile technology as Microsoft is due to visit Coimbatore and Bangalore after today’s Ahmadabad and Mumbai events. Next on iamwire will be selected Ahmadabad and Mumbai startup companies. Stay tuned!

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