Langhar – a social eat out platform

Langhar is a web/mobile app to discover and try out dishes cooked by people at their homes. Quite similar to Airbnb, a US based accommodation providing website, Langhar is an unique idea for ‘eating out market’ of India. The idea is to develop a community marketplace allowing housewives and other cooking lovers to convert their house into an eating place for people and earn extra money. Also foodies get to eat tasty, economical, unique home cooked dishes and have fun while socializing with others.

The meals on Langhar start from under INR 100. However, unlike other home delivery services, on Langhar one needs to visit and collect the ordered meal from Cook’s house – or maybe dine at their place.

Langhar also introduced the concept of free food online where one can pre-book and choose from a few dishes that are available for free. Currently it serves cooking lovers from Noida and Rajauri Garden (Delhi) only.

The website is completely social and mobile with Facebook integration. Langhar allows foodies to read other user’s reviews before ordering food, with its reviews and ratings mechanism. Social and viral elements like king/queen badges (for best and unique cooks), online competitions, digital gifts, 3rd party cooking content/reviews do engage the participated cooks.

The company pitches to cooks through direct emailing, physical marketing and cooking-competitions. To spread the word for foodies, Langhar has adopted a combination of uploading of numerous cooking videos over internet, SEO/SEM, PPC ads, and social marketing. Langhar has a total of 50 cooks, 500 diners, top line of $1000 per month through sales of dishes. Nita Mehta, the famous Indian celebrity chef and author is representing Langhar as its brand ambassador.

Langhar is looking to raise $300000 funding in order to expand marketing and operations. Its current investors are Times Group (incubated by T-Labs) and The ARK who add strategic value in branding and food logistics respectively.

Talking of the total valuation of eating out industry in India, the industry accounts for a total of jaw dropping value of 48 billion dollars, according to a report published in TOI. “ Our business involves three biggest  needs of mankind food, love and women and we believe it can be a billion dollar business. We aim to capture 1% of total eat-out industry of India” added Karanpreet, founder at Langhar.

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