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How do you increase organic CTR for eCommerce Sites against Google Product Ads?

Ecommerce SEOOne of the biggest challenges that most ecommerce sites face when it comes to online marketing is to maintain a healthy and progressive CTR rate. Competition in the web space is stiff these days and with Google Product Ads being main rivals, the techniques and strategies employed have to incorporate efforts that help maximize results against such odds.

 There are certain steps however that can be taken for e-commerce SEO that can help attain good CTR and lead to a more effective marketing campaign.

1.   Trademarks: One of the steps that can be taken is to add a trademark symbol to the title areas of text ads. These trademark symbols are easy enough to acquire and can be used even if the trademark application is still in progress. Displaying a trademark sign next to the text in your link conveys a sense of surety and command. A lot of what is employed in marketing is psychological and this is a good way to gain the trust of your audience. When a user sees a trademark symbol they are likely to understand that you are a specialist in your industry and the chances of getting a click are much higher.

2.   Site Links: When your ad appears, (usually) in the top 3 positions above the organic search area, you get the opportunity of displaying Ad sitelinks. One of the crucial e-commerce SEO techniques is to use these sitelinks as a relevant shout-out in order to attract more clicks for your campaigns. Everything, from posting the most relevant landing page links, to using the allocated 35 characters in the most creative way to upscale, promote or describe your services is the key. From a strictly sales-based perspective, it’s better to use special offers as a sitelink for added incentive for the user to click.

3.   Responsive Design: A responsive design is an important element for optimized e-commerce SEO and it is extremely important that your sites design is aligned for mobile search. With each passing day, more and more queries and searches are being performed on mobile devices. Having a mobile friendly site is a must for increase CTR conversions.

4.   Scrap the Laggards: Other factors that can help with better CTR is to put on hold any poor performing creative. Evaluating the feasibility and performance of an existing creative is extremely important as any poor creative is going take away the amount of positive engagement from a good creative. There are a number of ways to evaluate your creatives and spot strong ones such as a good call to action, a unique selling point, use of numbers and figures to break monotony of words and keyword optimized display URL’s.

5.   Tokens: Finally, one of the steps that can be taken to optimize eCommerce SEO is to use high volume tokens. What this means is that use tokens with high impression share within creative text to increase the relevancy of your creative against the keyword.

Consistently increasing CTR requires time and effort towards testing and the continuous optimization of keywords and creative.

Using the above mentioned steps and guidelines work on improving your SEO campaign today in order to achieve increased results on your CTR.

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(About the Author : Sarvesh Bagla, CEO at Techmagnate, is an entrepreneur, an avid reader and an expert on eCommerce SEO & Internet marketing services. He has earned his Master’s degree in Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, U.S.A. Follow Techmagnate and Sarvesh Bagla on Google Plus)

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