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Homeshop18’s Pataudi warehouse catches fire

In a recent mishap, Homeshop18’s warehouse at Pataudi, near Gurgaon caught fire which gave firefighters a more than 10 hours of struggle to control it. As per a company worker the warehouse was having more than INR 60 Crore of inventory at the time of catching fire and the losses are speculated to be in crores. Local police SHO also hints the volume of damage that might have occurred but did not comment much at the current stage.

The blaze broke out at 5AM today morning before the change of 7AM shift. The cause of the fire is believed to be an electric short circuit at the warehouse. The delays and lack of solutions from the Fire Dept. also added in the total loss. The fire dept team was using water reservoir from a nearby warehouse, however later the water supply was being sourced from Gurgaon making more delays in the process.

Talking to an ex-worker company fired recently, he claims that working conditions in the warehouse were difficult with high temperatures. Also the Warehouse management was facing multiple theft issues from workers.

HomeShop18 which owns around 11 warehouses in India caters product distribution to more than 3000 cities.  The company is also looking for an IPO on NASDAQ soon and recently raised USD 30 million from OCP Asia and Network 18. The multichannel retailer is a part of Network18 Group in India.

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