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Hike introduces stickers, voice messaging, offline features

Feeling the competition from the new emerging messaging apps and the existing competitors like Whatsapp and BBM, Hike has rolled out new features for its app to bring out differentiation and attract more users.

“We’ve gone from SMS to sending Photos, Videos over messaging but we haven’t seen much innovation since then. At hike, we’re constantly thinking on how to re-invent messaging, make it better, simpler and easier to use in a mobile first world,” states the Blogpost.

Hike has added three new features which include adding stickers, walkie-talkie,  last seen and ability to message friends when they’re offline.

Express yourself with Stickers

Typing on a smartphone is not the most pleasant experience, to make messaging more fun, hike has introduced stickers through which users can send some beautiful, expressive and fun stickers to friends at the tap of a finger.


If you’re on the move and can’t type, the new update of Hike Walkie-talkie will allow users to send voice messages. The new feature is added near the send message button. To use this feature one needs to tap on the icon and speak and the icon changes back to a message icon as soon as one starts typing. This is same as the WeChat’s voice message feature.

Privacy & Last Seen

While other messaging apps already has the last seen feature, not to loose the opportunity, Hike has also introduced this feature in its app. Though, most feel that this is a massive violation of privacy, so Hike has introduced  a new & improved version of Last Seen where only the selected friends can see the last availability of the user on hike. To use this feature one doesn’t need to change any privacy settings just choose a list of friends within hike a.k.a Circle of Friends whom they want to show their last visibility on the app.

Hike Offline

With this feature, users can continue chatting with their friends even when they are offline. Users can fall back to SMS to continue the chat with their friends from within hike itself. This can be accomplished in two ways:

1. Global (including India): Users can fall back to Regular SMS and send the undelivered message from their number with operators rates applied on it.

2. India only: Users can fall back to Hike2SMS and send the undelivered message free of cost.

Launched in December last year by Kavin Bharti mittal, the son of Telecom Giant Sunil Bharti Mittal, Hike is a free instant messaging app. In April 2013 it had raised $7 million from Bharti Softbank (BSB) and has recently crossed 5 million user base.

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