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Google to introduce barter system on Google+

Google is up to developing a new program for its Google+ platform, which will allow users to share their personal belongings with their friends, and keep up to date with what others are sharing. The service has been named as Google Mine, reported by Google System Blog.

“Google Mine lets you share your belongings with your friends and keep up to date with what your friends are sharing. It enables you to control which of your Google+ Circles you share an item with. It also lets you rate and review the items, upload photos of them and share updates on the Google+ Stream where your friends get to see and comment on them.” says description of the service, as mentioned in the same blog.

The idea is to allow users to share all of the real world things, of their interest, that people either want to buy or wish to get rid off. With its integration with Google+, the social network will serve as a social shopping platform and allow people to know what cool things their friends or family members own. Google Operating System also said that with Mine, one can also organize the things he/she owns, use, wish for and more.

Other than Google+ integration, Google has also developed its Android app version which only allows users to share items within their Google+ Circle and is currently only available to Google employees through the company’s internal Android app store.

Whether or not the intention behind Google Mine is to introduce a barter system on its social network. With this new update, users will get a whole new feature to borrow/lend items from/to their friends on Google+. However, it will be interesting to see a whole new invention in the history of social networking websites, if Google integrates its same-day delivery service, ‘Google Shopping Express’, to pickup and deliver items between peers on Google+ and add another source of income to the company – well, just a guess!

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