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Google launches crisis response map for Uttarakhand floods

After launching Person finder day before, the Google Crisis Response team has opened up another initiative to assist the ongoing efforts in Uttarakhand flood affected areas, it has announced the launch of  Crisis Map for Uttarakhand.

The crisis map will be providing quick information about the places affected, relief centers and road closures.

“From experiences in past calamities, we have learnt how crucial and helpful real-time information is for responding agencies and people affected by the disaster. We rely on all of you to contribute better information and improve the accuracy over the coming days,” stated the blog post.

As in times of such disaster, accurate information is hard to come by, the Crisis Response team has relied on scantily available information where available.

For now following information can be attained by Google crisis map:

1) Areas impacted by the floods

2) Relief centers and shelters

3) Medical Centers

4) Road closure information

Google Crisis Map was launched to help people in finding and using critical emergency information when they need it most. Using Google’s technology, speed, and user-friendly design, main purpose was to make disaster information easy to find, use, and share. The online maps include the latest satellite imagery and available information like storm paths, flood zones, evacuation routes, shelter locations, and power outages.

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