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Google introduces image extension to search ads

Advertisers understand that sometimes it’s easier to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ while promoting a business. Looking at this scenario, Google has announced beta launch of image extensions to search ads.

The new feature will add visual elements to the search ads by including images. It will help in accurately conveying the body of the product thus making it more informative. Thus, giving advertisers a bet on images which might attract more users in comparison to text or links.

The currently available text ads will get options to add up image related to the content. The option will be open for limited advertisers as in beta. As till now product image ads were the only way to include image content in AdWords ads, that too limited to product results but now it can be extended to all sorts of promoted links.

Google will still review the images attached with AdWords for its quality guidelines. As search users expect ‘richer and more diverse content’, time to time Google has been adding up new features to make search ads more relevant for the users such as by including text, information, videos, product listing ads, etc. As per Google, more than one in six searches on Google today provide results with visual content.

Currently in beta, the new feature is only available to limited audience.

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