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Facebook crosses one million active advertisers milestone

The initiatives of Facebook to focus on improving its ad offerings might have worked pretty well for the social media giant as the number of active advertisers on its platform has now crossed one million mark. Announcement came in through a blog by Dan Levy mentioning thanks to the over one million businesses who are active advertisers on Facebook, signalling that it has been accepted as a widely used advertising channel among the small and medium enterprises.

Recently, Facebook has announced its plan to streamline the number of ad units from 27 to fewer by half and make them consistent. With this it has also announced to kill its ‘sponsored ads’ ad unit which was introduced last year.

With this announcement Facebook also claims around 2 billion connections between members and local businesses as reported by Forbes. Also, for Q1 2013, Facebook recorded $1.25 billion of advertising revenue out of which around $875 million came from web advertising and $375 million came from mobile.

In its continuous spree to get more small businesses on board, facebook have also launched a site to feature success stories of small businesses. Here businesses can find tips for advertising and can also add their stories as well. For instance, the success story of, a leading online travel company in India shows some marvellous achievements around its Facebook page advertisement.

Yatra claims that through Facebook advertising it has generated INR 1.5 million along with 150k+ page visits each month.

To be pointed out, the world leader in advertising, Google crossed its one million mark of advertisers in 2007, and recently has also marked an increase in its ad prices after making an upgrade in its AdWords search ad system.

This  release of Facebook’s million advertisers highlights the marketer’s interest in reaching their customers on social and the change in the overall marketing budgets spread, lead by Facebook for social.

So whether Facebook outbeats Google and other forms of marketing can be worth noticing in the future, as digital marketing getting more social?

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