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Facebook announces updates to its Ad Manager

In its “ongoing effort to simplify the ad products” Facebook, on Wednesday has announced a few updates on its ‘Ads Manager Reports’ – to help advertisers optimize the results from their ad campaigns. Given the fact that Facebook is a home to over 1 billion active users, it is an important platform for advertisers to market themselves.

Facebook’s ad manager, which allows advertisers to view their Facebook Ad campaigns, pause/restart the ads, view payment history and make other budget changes, will now experience small updates. Focusing to offer more flexibility, real-time reach insights and enhanced audience demographics, the changes will help marketers to build effective ad campaigns.

The update will now allow advertisers to get all ad metrics like ad spent, cost per page, cost per conversion etc. in one place. This will enable advertisers to measure reach and other key metrics more effectively and allow them to customize the data they wish to be included in the report.

“We know that maximizing reach is critical to driving ROI for marketers”, says Facebook. The company also promises to make it easier for marketers to measure other unique metrics including unique clicks, unique click through rate (CTR), cost per unique click, cost per 1,000 people reached, and people taking action in the following update.

Moreover, Ads Manager Reports  will now break down ad, campaign and account performance by age, gender, country and the placement of their ad on website. For example, marketers can now easily identify which age group or gender their ads are more effective for, and can optimize accordingly to maximize the performance.

As per Facebook, the updates will happen gradually, with full availability expected in the coming weeks.

Eyeing to redefine its ad market, the company is continuously making changes to its ad platform, with an aim to give better experience and effective tools to help its ‘over 1 million active advertisers mark’ attain better ROI. The social network giant, earlier also announced that it will phase out its sponsored results ad units, in an effort to streamline the number of ad units from 27 to fewer than half.

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