Everything you need to know about winning your customer’s trust in ecommerce

The only real method of ensuring long-term success in ecommerce is winning your customer’s trust using all means possible.

So your ecommerce site is up and running and you’re in business. Customers visit your site, like your products, buy them and are happy. While this sounds like a pretty straightforward way to ecommerce success, it’s hardly as clear as it looks like on paper.

In reality, building a trusted and valued ecommerce business is much more than great design, user-friendly sites and good logistics. It’s that little extra you put into your business that really counts.

Let’s now look at the advantages of trust building, the strategies and work needed to give your ecommerce business an edge when it comes to trust.

Respect the power of the internet.

There’s the age old saying that your business is nothing without its customer. In ecommerce, you are always held to a higher standard than regular brick and mortar businesses in winning your customer’s trust.

This is because the internet is a live, humming, highly connected place where nothing is really distant anymore. A dissatisfied customer can cause huge damage if a bad situation isn’t corrected as soon as possible.

This is where most ecommerce companies miss the mark. If your customer can’t connect with you to sort out issues, he/she is likely to go online to vent. That’s the worst thing that could happen to your ecommerce business.

Every customer matters more than you think.

The next thing is to respect your customers. A lot. While this may sound like a foregone conclusion, it’s apparent that many of the newer ecommerce companies come off as rude or distant to customers when they don’t really intend to seem that way. Courtesy, bad customer care.

How often have you seen an ecommerce site where the “chat with us” window is always offline or takes too long to respond? Winning your customer’s trust is simply not possible that way.

A potential customer almost always has questions/suggestions and most of them are like a learning process to become the ecommerce company you have always wanted to build.

Make buying from you a pleasant experience.

Be responsible and realize that your customer is the indicator of how well you’re doing. Respect their needs as long as they aren’t irrational and always remember to remind your online sales representatives to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. This really helps in winning your customer’s trust all the time.

Most times, the customer is right and they want to help you make the sales process better even if they don’t realize it themselves. If a customer isn’t feeling right, you probably have faulty communication that needs to be checked right away before it does more serious damage.

Be honest, clear and forthcoming about everything and you will see more customers trust you for it.

Always be ahead of the competition.

Be in tune with your customer base. You already know who they are and what they want. If you have everything else in place, throw yourself into research on potential products you can sell and why your customers would want it.

That puts you two steps ahead of the competition and your customer will trust you for having the insight to offer options and products that others don’t. This along with all of the above will ensure you’re always winning your customer’s trust regardless of the ecommerce segment you’re in. However, the entire process keeps evolving so buckle up and take the lead.

(About the Author: Rajesh is the CEO & Co-Founder of He has Launched one of the earliest E-commerce venture in India called in 1998 with COD. His vision is to create a “Worldclass E-commerce business focussed on Customers Delight on Top”.)

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  1. 1

    good article from Strategy part Rajesh.. but on the lighter side….how would you win trust of the customers who cant be trusted??..refer COD and rejection/non-acceptance of products delivered by flipkart in UP..its a very tricky situation…

  2. 2

    At Glamster, we are focused more on the customer experience than anything else. Revenue, profits, staying ahead of the competition and marketshare are by-products of the former.

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