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Ebay launches feeds to target users according to their interest

Online marketplace eBay in a move to provide shoppers with personalized shopping experience and discover products tailored as per their interests, has announced launch of eBay Feed.

Feeds will help eBay in showcasing new products each time a users visits the site, as per the customization and interested received from the user.

Users have to add their interests, favourite brands to let the feed recommend what he/she is looking for. The interests can be updated any time.

Recommendation shopping is not a new concept where lot of online retailer are depended on shopping behaviour data intelligence to feed into their recommendation engine, but with directly asking users what they like it can surely increase the accuracy.

As the online store operates in depth format, it is very important for merchants to make sure the users are able to land on the product they are likely to buy, as it is well known what user can see, can sell.

Other ways to let users reach the right product involves use of strong search tools on the site,  right category navigation, right features offers and deals on home page updated frequently, related products & complementary products on the shopping cart checkout, right imaging to attract the interest of the user and more.

Also this concept of upselling is what has helped lot of online website to gain profits and higher margins, while increasing their average basket size.

Ebay feeds are currently not active on the site but is likely to get launched soon on the site.

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