Doozton, a fashion affiliate with stylists and trendsetters

Online shopping has entered into another phase of transition, where etailers are continuously inventing new ways to influence buying decisions of a hard acquired consumer traffic.

The decisions of today’s online shopper are being affected by the choice paradox created around the convenience and the price by a number of e-commerce sites, deals and coupon stores. This could be a deciding factor for fixed price products like electronics and mobile category but for fashion and lifestyle products, people don’t mind going slightly over-budget if the product is suitable. To help people select right product and save them from piling up their wardrobe, Doozton, an Internet startup has come up with a solution.

Its personal stylist/wardrobe consultant helps shoppers to pick right clothes for various occasions and help them discover a perfect look. There are several other websites providing stylists’ hand-picked products, so why Doozton?

Over the comfort of online, Doozton help customers find products suited to various occasions.  Users need to signup using their Facebook account to Dooze (or like) a product and recommend it to others and add products into their account’s wardrobe to purchase later.

To deliver a more personalized selection experience, the portal allows users to connect/follow with favorite trendsetters/stylists specifically. The trendsetters or stylists are private fashion designers who add their expertise and help shoppers choose best products. Recently the trend of providing designers’ feed has been witnessed in the online shopping industry with other players like Voonik, and more.

“There are very few players in India (none is established yet) who have been recommending a personal stylist based shopping experience but none has a taste based social layer around that. Our USP lies in that.“ claims Pushpendra, founder at Doozton

Launched in the last week of March 2013 in closed beta for a limited audience, the company has recently opened the current beta version to public few weeks back.

Unlike traditional ecommerce websites, Doozton doesn’t provide products under tabs for different categories, and instead provides stylists’ hand-picked products after successfully mapping online and offline customer behavior.  “We have been analyzing the data that we collect and would look to build a controlled hub of designer wear with a recommendation engine at its core” added Pushpendra.

Working with an affiliate model, the company eyes to generate revenues from commissions against each purchase in future. However, currently Doozton is focusing to generate traffic and ‘disrupt the way people shop online’. With having large amount of consumer-behavior data accumulated over the process, Doozton can also add another revenue stream to generate profits, i.e selling of user analytic to merchants.

According to Pushpendra, fashion and lifestyle is the biggest category to grow in the coming years. Having highest frequency of purchases among other categories, fashion and lifestyle is the second biggest category searched over Google as of now.

The rise of affiliate class of portals and even ‘more in fashion side’ are helping to bring on lot of female shoppers for online shopping. The affiliate network will also help small retailers to grow their web sales by efficiently managing their affiliate network and measuring their performance, all on commission per sale.

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