Customer expectations from support team: A report

From the last half of the decade, the customer support environment have seen a tremendous shift. The recent study by Freshdesk, with a sample of around 250,000 end customers, analyzes the shift in adoption of new support channels against more traditional ones, and how businesses have been able to cope with them.

The report basically provides an insight about how fast businesses must respond to and resolve queries in order to keep their customers happy, and how their strategies must change as they move across channels.

The key highlights of the report include:

1) Across all channels, customers expect their queries to be resolved within a maximum of one day.

2) Although email still leads as a medium to support queries, over the last one year, the use has been decreased by 7%. Also, Twitter as a support medium has  increased its relevance over  the time period.

3) With response times and customer frustrations being more public in social channels, there is a clear need for higher and a more stringent SLA Policy for social tickets as otherwise it can spread negative branding among other customers.

As per the report analysis, speed and response time are essential metrics to win satisfied customers. Businesses need to understand their various support channels and the experience customers expect through each of them.

Freshdesk is a SaaS based social customer support solution  that allows companies to support customers across traditional media like Email, Phone, and their Website, and social channels like Facebook and Twitter, from one place.

The full copy of report can be downloaded from here.

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    @kaushiki_chatterjee:disqus, I would say, it makes a lot of sense if we take the customer service for all the online retailers on SaaS based service. It would actually be awesome if SaaS based service plus some manual intervention helps the online retailers address all the problems across all online platforms including Social Media, Consumer Websites to clean up the brand perception for themselves.

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