CodeBunk, online tool to hire coders with AV chat, Editor and Compiler

With a recent shift of services coming online, solutions for HR sector are also on the rise. Noting this shift, several startups have come up with different products – offering recruiters more engaging and time saving process in referrals, talent hunt, interviewing, reviewing, payroll management etc.

Codebunk is one such startup focusing on Online interviewing. Aiming to become the “primary source of hiring developers”, it offers an online platform helping recruiters to assess candidates through a dynamic online recruitment process. Keeping the balance, it also helps candidates prepare for interviews.

The website provides a single, unified platform for the complete interview process – an easy-to-use solution consisting of a collaborative real-time editor, code compiler and audio/video chat tools. Where its ‘real time editor’ offers a seamless interview session, with its editor’s inbuilt support for 8 popular software languages including Python, Lua, PHP, C, C++, Perl, Javascript and Ruby, its ‘code compiler’ allows instant compiling and running of codes helping candidates to easily debug and verify their codes.

How it works?

The interviewer creates a new virtual interview room (named as ‘Bunk’) and sends an invite to the candidate. The candidate joins the bunk and the interview process begins. As soon as the  candidate starts providing the solutions to the questions/problems posed by the interviewer, its real-time editor help interviewer to compile and run the code in a single click and instantly evaluate the answers. The process also allow interviewer and interviewee to interact via CodeBunk’s audio/video chat facility simultaneously.

Helping recruiters to find a right coder for them, CodeBunk, in its two months of operations has successfully acquired a daily traffic of over 200 unique users with many using it as a Pastebin platform. Free for anyone to use, the website will charge companies a certain amount of fee, for using it as an interviewing platform, in the future.

Other players working closely with CodeBank includes CollabEdit and Codassium. But as far as its competition is concerned, Yousuf Fauzan, founder at CodeBunk believes that CodeBunk provides better service and a complete interviewing process with essential elements. “No single platform exists which provides all the 3 features of CodeBunk – Audio/Video Chat tools, Editor and Compiler all running on a same platform” says Yousuf.

CodeBunk, with its A to Z online interview process, will not only help organisations to hire best coders across the world but also offer a cost effective and time saving process for both, companies and their candidates.

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