Bribebook, on a mission to kill corruption and make India a better place

In India, people being harassed by corrupt officials for money is not a rare sight, even for the basic amenities which they are entitled to. We often find it outrageously unfair to see such injustice taking place, but how many of us raise a voice against?

Bribebook, with its tagline ‘Kill Corruption’ is an online platform, inspiring general Indian public to come forward and talk about their bribe experiences. Envisioned to save a common man from the hands of corrupt officials, Bribebook, is trying to make government departments more robust and thus provide a liberated and corruption free India.

Its non-profit platform, allow people to come and air their experiences/stories on bribe and corruption in form of a Facebook wall. Users add their story and the amount of money that went in black. The company however, does not claim to offer solutions to handle corrupt officials in any way.

Very often, people feel victimised and alone. On Bribebook, they can take solace in the fact that they are not alone. They can make their experience public with a hope that the relevant government departments will come up with a better system to take care of the problems. Its online movement, even if couldn’t potentially change the system, would at-least give a hint about the millions that is flowing in our system as black money by analyzing the data collected.

“There are two types of corruption. The first is Collusive corruption, where two parties stand to gain mutually from each other and conspire to conduct their business and the other is Extortive Corruption, where people are forced to pay bribes for even services entitled to them. It is this kind of corruption that we are specifically targeting to get rid of “ claims the company.

Bribebook protects the anonymity of the people writing in to its website. A user doesn’t have to register onto the site to post or even comment on an existing post. Even if the story comes in with names, the moderator removes the names to avoid unnecessary complications. The user posts can also be sorted on the basis of city and category under which the bribing activity lies. People can also post the third party corrupt activities they witnessed or know about.

In just a few weeks of its operations, the website has received almost 250 stories. An average of around 5-10 stories a day. The startup has over 2000 likes on its Facebook page.

With the help of its online platform, Bribebook has a future plan to help curb this retail/extortive corruption as much as possible. Its founders look forward to work with law enforcement agencies and government departments to accept technology and remove human intervention, which according to them is one simple way to overcome the entire problem.

On a mission to provide a corruption-free life to the future generation, Bribebook has been supported by several youngsters, politicians and bureaucrats. Definitely doing a good job, how far this digital movement goes and what changes it makes in the society, are yet to be discovered in future.

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