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Apple iOS7, the most updated?

For all those apple lovers, there’s a good news. Apple has announced its all new iOS 7. The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system is described as one of the most revolutionary overhaul of its operating system, since Apple introduced iPhone in 2007. After a long history of calling uninteresting names to its new OS updates, Apple is calling its 10th operating system – OS X Mavericks.

The new update practically re-skins the older iOS version and revamps the entire layout with all new colors and provides more depth to the display. As per Apple, the new update will provide entire new experience to any iOS user, but at the same time, will become instantly familiar for its users. “iOS 7 is the most significant iOS update since the original iPhone,” said Craig Federighi, senior VP of Software Engineering.

Its completely redesigned layout with an entirely new user interface, will make any iOS device appear bigger because everything is designed to take advantage of the entire screen. There’s a concerted effort in its new update to save maximum of the screen space.

Its new features include –

Introducing Control Center, which will help users access important day to day features quickly, and that too, all in one place. With just one swipe at the bottom of the screen, users can now control their Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Screen Brightness, Clock, Camera and many more. With replacement of notification center to the Lock screen, one doesn’t even has to bother unlocking the device to see the summary of important details like weather, traffic, meetings and events, which is just simply smart and spectacular.

AirDrop, is a new feature which allow users to quickly and easily share content with people nearby, and that too without any NFC requirement. AirDrop uses wifi and establishes a peer to peer connection. So just select the person from contacts and AirDrop does the rest.

Camera and Photos, now quickly swipe between camera types, video share, panorama or HDR and get going. Its new redesigned photos app allows automatic organizing of photos and videos based on time and location.

Safari, with a whole new view for bookmarks and Safari tabs, the new Safari integrates with iCloud keychain from OS X Mavericks, and also comes with parental controls. The enhanced parental controls allows automatic block access to adult websites and other restricted content.

Siri has now become a full time Twitter assistant, with new sounds and better quality. With its Wikipedia integration, Siri will now also provide access to the world’s most popular Internet reference site. Also its integration with settings, one can now control brightness or turn on/off Bluetooth by simply saying that to Siri. So the next time you are driving, just sit back and leave the rest on Siri which automatically lets you search for directions, check twitter, listen music etc.

Finally introduced its much anticipated iTunes radio. The radio also allow users to customize its iTunes stations. Users can see the full list of songs by clicking the history on each station, with an automated purchase button which send the tracks directly in the iTunes store.

Security – with a cloud controlled password, a stolen iphone can’t be turned back on again without the right password. Users can also block messages and calls from other numbers.

However, in all these heavy updates, Apple seemed to have forgotten about its Maps. With comparatively impressive coverage of US and European countries, Apple Maps are getting a hard time from other map services in most of the Asian countries. Talking of India, its maps seem quite useless and confusing.

Apple, indeed has perfectly redefined its interface design and has introduced most of the impressive new features in its new update. It is this reason what makes Apple users to clung on to new updates as soon as they get released. Unlike Android, more than 90% of the over 600 million iOS users are using its latest released operating system.

But where Apple, with its new update has given users a whole new thing to discover, its ‘Jailbreakers’ have got a new task to accomplish. The iOS 7 will be available in coming months.

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