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A new personalised email client –

Right from small business to big enterprises the requirement for personalized emails has only grown with time where such email address can add on the professional image & brand recognition.

The market is though captured by tech giants offering their freemium solutions on .com domains, Guava Softs Pvt. Ltd. has launched their personalized email client to compete on this space. Still Anshul Goyal, Founder & CEO, belives that with a host of unique features they are sure that has the potential to revolutionize the webmail experience.

Its free email service can be used by anyone with less customization (on domain: whereas the premium model costs USD 9. The new .biz let users create even single letters or short letter domains as their email account as .biz domains are in their early stage of use and can be available with more general names ( Eg-

Only its premium account allows users to tailor entire email address. It provides users with capabilities to use attachment of upto 50 MB which is almost double of what Gmail & Yahoo provides and email mail storage of up-to 20GB, which is 10 GB for other service providers. It also has 5 GB of E-drive storage. Users can also check mail from all of their accounts at other services from within their account, making it a one stop solution.

The company claims to add up 2000 domains every week and has also mentioned that it won’t be increasing premium account registration & renewal costs by 2020 as a business oath.

Other personalized email service provider include Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and more. Where the personalized emails on .com works if a user also owns the domain name and most of the online businesses are on .com (at least not on .biz), the .biz emails will come in handy for individual sales guys, offline business owners, traders, and freelancers and yes celebrities.

Also company may have a hard time to promote their services in the market to capture a considerable user base and word of mouth is supposed to perform best for them. Also the company is promoting the service with Yaana Gupta as its brand ambassador and if the brand offering is positioned correctly it can certainly do well.

Image: Yaana Gupta and Anshul Goyal (Founder & CEO)

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