Zurepro, one stop extended warranty provider

Repairing smartphones, Televisions and other high tech gadgets can be a worst experience. Considering the high costs of electronics, repairing sounds reasonable rather than making a purchase again, but can be time consuming. As soon as the manufacturer’s warranty is void, users have to bear all the cost of repairs and damages.

Using all of it as an advantage, Zurepro – an online extended warranty solutions start-up is about to launch itself in coming weeks.

It will offer multiple programs for customers like extended warranty packs and annual maintenance contracts. Based in Mumbai, Zurepro provides its services with a belief that “providing online extended warranty solution to electronic products will make consumers feel safer and rely more on electronics.”

To make repairing an easy and hassle free process, Zurepro has a 7 day pickup and drop model and promises to finish the entire cycle of repairing and delivering the product in a week’s time.

Founded by Prakhar Saxena and Mausumi Chakravorty, Zurepro works in post sales support space with ‘no lemon policy’, where intermediaries of repairing personnel are completely abolished and customer gets a claim without any need to visit and stand in the long queues of a repairing center. Few other companies working in the post sales services in India include Greendust, Clublaptop, Getcomputerfix etc.

The company runs on an online B2C model wherein it directly interacts with the customers. “It works somewhat like an insurance sector” added Mausumi, “where only around 20-25% of the customers claim their insurance rest just buy to be on the safer side and thats where we make profit”.

Zurepro decides the valuation of the product based on its condition and year of purchase. Moreover, the entire claim will be on first hand products only.

Currently in a beta testing phase, the company is testing its ‘7 day pickup and deliver model’ by providing its repairing solution for laptops and mobile phones and is planning to launch its services in Mumbai zone in first week of June 2013. Growing further, Zurepro will most likely provide its services in other major cities in India in next 6-7 months, which will be followed by Tier 2 cities and has ties up with Gati and First Flight courier.

With extended warranty gaining popularity in India, its founders expects the industry to be highly profitable for their business. It also plan is to provide a B2B2C protection solutions a later stage and position Zurepro to organize the overall market for customer support for warranty claims as a market leader.

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