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Zoho launches business card scanning app as a CRM solution

Zoho corp., a cloud based productivity and collaboration suite provider from India has found a solution for its users to scan, feed leads and contacts directly from the business cards. Zoho will be the first CRM provider to facilitate it inhouse.

But how?

Users can use the app to add leads from business cards directly into zoho. The app is capable of reading English, French, German and Spanish. Currently it is available only for the iOS version. The app however will support ipad and android devices in future.

There are several Other apps for card scanning including, Evernote Hello, Cardmunch, Business card reader, camcard and many more. But what sets apart Zoho’s app is that it provides contact integration to CRM platforms, as no other app like it exists in the market as of now, said Vegesna to Techcrunch.

The app has been made primarily for sales people, as it saves comparatively lot of time than manual data entry practice. “Entering data manually into any CRM app is not fun. Any solution that helps automate data entry is a win for CRM users. That is the idea behind our new mobile app for Zoho CRM – Card Scanner,” said Raju Vegesna,  Zoho evangelist, in a blog post.

Zoho corp., is an enterprise technology firm founded in India, with its headquarters in California, US. Started as a network framework provider for telecom users, company later diversified its operations in 2003 and 2005, with currently having three brands – Zoho office suite , Manageengine and WebNMS.

Image Credit: Zoho

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    Good article and as a whole a good app. Alternatively, I recommend Business Card Reader – CRM Pro. As my opinion OCR works just great and more accuracy. Process of recognition takes a few seconds.

    It will fulfill your demands for sure.

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