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Yebhi launches virtual stores concept in Cafe Coffee Day

Fashion and Lifestyle e-tailer Yebhi in an attempt to go ‘out-of-box’ and reach its customers offline has tied up with Cafe Coffee Day to launch its virtual store walls. Customers can buy Yebhi merchandise directly through scanning the product codes with mobile. Yebhi’s virtual stores will be launched in 30 CCD stores across Delhi and Bangalore.

The virtual stores will provide option to customers to view, choose and buy Yebhi products across categories including apparel, shoes, mobile, etc. It will feature pictures of the products, with a corresponding QR or NFC Code. Customers can select items by scanning these codes with their smartphones. It will land users on the product checkout page on their mobile to place an order.

Nikhil Rungta, Chief Business Officer, & Manmohan Agarwal, CEO,

To promote this new initiative Yebhi has also come up with INR 200 discount to the customers who purchase from these stores.

Yebhi’s new Chief Business Officer, Nikhil Rungta believes such an initiative will take online shopping to next level by touching base with Yebhi’s customers and allowing them to shop from anywhere, anytime.

Though Iamwire believe it will generate good branding for, and it can help to target relevant audience coming on to these places. The experiment will be catching eyeballs and can create an effective mobile traffic strategy and customer acquisition for the etailer which can further convert into sales.

But how will the product images on the virtual store will be maintained or updated is still a question. Also Nikhil recently shared the type of affiliate marketplace model yebhi is working on, which can sync well with the above development.

Recently, Yebhi also raised INR 60 crore in internal funding from existing investors and has created a new brand identity for its customers through its new website and logo all targeted towards the youth.

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    Tried it yesterday. It works well and is a great branding startegy by yebhi to connect to youth . As majority of the sales come from metro cities, it will augment company’ brand value. Although not sure if it will push up sales as any mobile users can open the website pages easily these days. Heard of this concept run by South Korean supermarket where in they had placed similiar product barcodes in metro as people had spare time to wait for trains and could buy their grocery. May be Yebhi can extend this concept to Delhi metro to begin with. ATB


    Brilliance Forever

    (Online Diamond jewellery store)

  2. 2

    Now you can’t even enjoy a cup of coffee in quite, sad. CCD anyway served the worst tasting coffee in India and now there are all the more reasons for not visiting them.

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