Wooplr, helping shoppers provide product recommendations

With evolving ecommerce market, customer today prefer researching online even if they shop from a brick and mortar store. This recent trend has pushed several startups to find new and interesting ways to connect offline store to online users, and with similar objective, a Bangalore based startup, Wooplr has joined the league.

Wooplr is a social network platform that allow people to add their favorite products and stores in the city and share it with others. The idea is to help other people discover new and recommended products available in their neighborhood.

In addition to letting customers know about three product categories – fashion, decor and food items in their locality, the website also helps SMEs, who are providing these products, to acquire an online customer base and increase their in-store sales.

Founded by 4 ex-employees of McAfee, Arjun Zacharia, Praveen Rajaretnam, Soumen Sarkar and Ankit Sabharwal, Wooplr also allow users to share their shopping experience. Quite similar to Pinterest in design, the website showcases tiles of different products recommended by other registered members. When a user clicks on a picture, he/she gets more information about the product like ‘where is it available’, how much for’ etc. This allow users with similar tastes to add products in the ‘to-buy list’ of their next shopping trip.

Wooplr works with an aim to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping industry. Other startups working in similar field include3 Other Things, Indiaorders and few more. Wooplr belongs to a class of online product discovery startups with other rival websites like Sweetcouch, Scraphere.

Went live in March 2013, the company has acquired over 8000 registered users for its online platform. Apart from having an online portal, Wooplr also provides free Android and iOS app. Launched 2 months ago, its android app has managed more than 1500 downloads, whereas iOS app had 200+ downloads in just over a week’s time.

In order to upload a recommendation, a user needs to sign up on the website with his/her facebook account. Reason for only providing a Facebook sign up option is that it helps Wooplr to get customer’s authentic basic details and establish its presence on one of the most popular social network. In addition to Facebook, it also has an active Twitter page which helps company to market itself. Word of mouth and offline campaigns will be the company’s other marketing strategies.

Self-funded so far, the company has no source of revenue. “We are working to add a few revenue streams which will be introduced in near future” added Soumen. Keeping its future monetization streams undisclosed, its founders believe that the kind of service Wooplr provides, holds the ability to make the business quite profitable.

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    Thank you pooja for referring us in this article ( ). I am sure the space has lot offer to customers and trend would garner further support as WebRooming brings emotionally attractive products in front of customers which is what they were missing and it also brings platform for word of mouth.

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