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Twitter acquired Luckysort, a data analytics startup

In its list of acquisitions, twitter recently added yet another name, Luckysort, a data analytics company, as announced by the company on its official website. The company will shut down its operations in the coming months as a result of acquisition.

Based in Portland, Luckysort was started in 2011 to make the Big data analysis, summarization and visualization easy with user friendly tools. It is a powerful platform for real time text analysis using visual analytics and machine learning.

The amount of the deal remains undisclosed. However, the current website for Luckysort displays a message from founders which says that most of the team will join Twitter’s revenue engineering department.

“We’ll be helping current customers transition off our system in the coming months such that we can focus fully on our future at Twitter.”, said Noah Pepper, CEO, Luckysort

Twitters’ other recent acquisitions includes We are hunted (April 2013), Vine (October 2012), Posterous, Summify and Dansient (2011).

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