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Top selected Kochi startups pitching at Microsoft bizSpark

Microsoft BizSpark has arrived at Kochi, Kerala on 29th May. The event starting at 3PM will be hosted in the Startup Village, a technology business incubator. This is also the first time when Kochi becomes one of the cities to host a Microsoft Indian Startup challenge, making the arrival of Kochi on India’s entrepreneurial map.

The Challenge is focused on cloud computing, mobile apps and Windows 8 in Kochi with following  selected startups from the city –

AmidRay– Founded in 2011 as software services and products company, AmidRay Technologies Pvt Ltd has recently entered into mobile application sector as well. Zim Zim, its one of the recently released app helps people pre-order food from their favourite, nearby locality restaurants in just 5 clicks. Another app called Blockout Traffic, quite similar to Waze, helps users to get updates on traffic jams in their area. Prior to this, company was incubated by Startup Village.

DecideQuick– DecideQuick is a tech based company that focuses on helping people make decisions. Its online platform uses social data analytics and  makes the process of decision making easy and time efficient. The company had also managed to secure a seed fund of $100,000 last year from NextBig Idea Incubators.

GeoSpice – A location as a service provider startup company, which builds wireless navigation system. The company is also building a Mobile Location Based Service, helping pedestrians provide navigation systems, local tourist guides and location aware alert systems.

iTraveller – An online travel platform which enables travelers to design their travel plans, pick the optimum routes, compare and select the hotels, pick the mode of transportation and finally carve out a travel plan out of it, before booking it online.

RHLvision Interactive –  An incubatee of Startup Village, the company develop gesture-based technology devices which has recently developed a device to help surgeons use computers without touching them while carrying out surgeries. The company’s website itself can be navigated without physically touching the screen or other hardware devices. It tracks hand gestures which is tracked through a computer or laptop’s camera just like motion gaming.

SectorQube – Incubated in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, SectorQube Technolabs Pvt Ltd works primarily in the domain of creating truly automated households and workplaces. Recently introduced world’s first android powered microwave oven, as one of their product with unlimited auto cook menus. The company is working with a vision to develop technologies like – a Television set that changes channels and switches ON or OFF by itself, a car dashboard that is wholly touch controlled and can be pre-programmed to provide route and traffic information etc.

Other selected startups include – Linways Technologies, Baabte System Technologies pvt ltd, KLOUDPaD Mobility Research (CLOUDSyS), QEdge and RealEEZ Technology Solutions pvt ltd.

Microsoft BizSpark India, is a Startup Challenge which provides selected promising startups with mentor-ship and financial support, in the field of connected devices and continuous services.

Its other batch of selected startups from Kolkata region are also facing the jury members today. Next will be New Delhi and Pune, the events of which are due to take place on 1st June, followed by the city of Ahmadabad and Mumbai. Stay tuned for more interesting startups.

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