Ecommerce, News shuts down, Current stats 655 complaints, INR 82 Lakh fraud money and counting, the controversial ecommerce portal, with large number customer complaints against it and recent arrest of Arindam Bose, Director and Harish Ahluwalia, COO, has forced the company to withdraw its operations.

In March this year, Arindam Bose and Harish Ahluwalia were arrested under three cases registered against them by Economics Offence Wings and Janakpuri police station.  At that incident Timtara posted the following notice to safeguard their innocence.

Vikalp who has been appointed as an assistant to the court in enquiry/investigation in case against, said that he was approached by around 655 people for their money being defrauded by Timtara, and there are more people  joining in for the same. Till now there is a fraud of INR 82 lakhs which has came into light by the company.

Case History

Arindam Bose, Director and Harish Ahluwalia, COO were arrested on March 30th. By 25th April, the website was working and taking orders, when this was highlighted in court, it was considered  as absolute negligence by the authorities and court also informed Joint commissioner of Economics Offence Wing to look into the matter.

When we log in to the website, the website was not available. Vikalp still claims that the website is operational on an alternate link. There is no strict order from the court, but there is just a ‘suggestion’ that site should stop as per Vikalp.

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Vikalp also suggests about negligence from the police end for the case. He said that, “Police showed they are doing investigation, but they were not able to procure details from the Timtara group, they didn’t even knew about the bank account details of the Timtara group, far from freezing them up.” Even Investigation officer (Kanhaiya Lal Yadav) had  been asking the victims to withdraw the case if they can’t come to Delhi for which they will get their money refunded in 10 days.

Arindam Bose had fail to get bail, unlike his colleague Harish Ahluwalia, but there is a possibility that the complainants may also apply for cancellation of bail for Harish. As per Vikalp there are very less chances for Arindam to get bail in next hearing as well.

Over the seller site, iamwire had received complaints from multiple sellers about their money being defrauded by Vikalp has also been approached by various sellers, but none of them had filed a written complaint against the company. One of the seller also informed us that he had TDS certificates which were never been reimbursed by the company.  “It has been worst experience to work with Timtara.” added another seller.

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“If there is a possibility that all sellers are together and filling case against them, i would like to join them,” said one more seller.

Yet another time, such an issue had evolved where the company has failed to settle dues with the seller. Similarly, Indiaplaza and Seventymm had also failed to clear its dues with the sellers as per the received complaints.

The company was providing products with huge discounts, offers, etc to attract and reach customers and get reasonable business, which is the reason that had helped them to stretch their business for so long. There has been 100s of Google pages filled with complaints against them and speaking of anger and frustration against the company owners.

In case you want to file a complaint or share your experience with Timtara, you can reach Vikalp @

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    Hi Guest,

    Thank you for your order.

    Your Transaction #10125091 has been confirmed and is being processed.

    Here is the summary:

    Transaction Id : 10125091
    Order Date: 04th Jul 2012 04:37 pm
    Payment Mode: Credit Card / Debit Card

    loss 26000. IS their any way to recover that amount?

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    Again note that, this is information is from expert. And after knowing the fraud report from hundreds of customers.

    So, do not take this LITELY.

    If you are planning to purchase anything from ASKMEBAZAAR. DO NOT purchase.

    This is completely FRAUD website. And Unresponse.

    This is not like reputed companies like eBay. Amazon. Flipkart. Snapdeal etc.

    If you want to purchase. I prefer you use above websites.

    Where you face less issues. Even if there is any issue they have customer care.
    For each complaint they take seriously and resolve it.

    Above customer care. They have supervisors. Managers etc.

    And they have toll free number. You will not be charged for calls.

    Whereas Askmebazaar is completely fraud site. No toll free number. Website shows another address.
    Their phone number is Chennai number.

    Again after knowing details information from customers. Who have spent lot and lot of time on calls. Spent hundreds of rupees on STD bill. But, issues not getting resolved.

    For any company take flipkart of any one. First of all this kind of issue do not occur. Even if occur
    it get resolved within 2-4 days.

    But, on Askmebazaar I can show you proofs where customers suffering since 2 months.

    Same kind of issues with on previous Fraud website. later stop by government after receiving serious cases.
    And their owner too arrested. If you are not sure just type in google
    and you will find complaints and news about this site.

    That website too do not have toll free number and same customers were put on hold for hours.
    Then no response. Again customer call. They say we have escalated and nothing.

    No item. No refund. Or get item partically etc.

    Make important note. If you purchase from any website in India. They should be able to ship within a week.
    Unless time extension required to get some important products as you find on Amazon and eBay. You don’t have to
    worry about eBay and Amazon. You are 100 percent protected.

    Now what to do, if you already purchased from AskMeBazaar.

    1.) Immediately make a note of all the details of your order. And lodged a complaint with Delhi police, Because they have registered this address.

    (( Getit Stores Private Limited, a company incorporated under the provisions of the (Indian) Companies Act, 1956, having its registered office at 8B, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, 1st Floor, ITO, New Delhi -110002, (“Getit Stores”) ))

    Another story is on their website they mention contact address as this.

    Getit Stores Pvt. Ltd.
    GYS Heights,
    Plot-10 & 11 2nd & 3rd Floor Tower-C,
    Sector 125, Noida (Gautam Budh Nagar)
    Uttar Pradesh
    India – 201301 Email:

    So, directly lodge a complaint. You can send email or send post to the commissioner office.

    2.) If you are not getting proper response even after complaining. Send email / post to Delhi police commissioner office. At least as of now, due to AAP government Delhi police working promptly.
    If not getting response do not sit back. Write to Commissioner office.

    3.) If you do not get the response you can also lodge a case with Cyber police.

    But, do not leave this FRAUD fellows at AskMeBazaar.

    You purchase, invest money. Not to wait for months. That’s everyone expectations.

    4.) You may also get emails and calls from ‘AskmeBazaar’ saying issue will get resolved or in process and will take 3-4 days. Do not listen to any of their calls or emails.

    Hundred person this website is just going beyond patience.

    I agree few buyers are even getting products. Because, if all the buyers get stop. Their site may stop immediately. So, they are sending to few people. And collecting money.

    They have BAD intention like, people are purchasing low price items. And again they call 1 or 5 times. After that they get tired and also fear of STD call rates. They leave hopes.

    And this fraud fellows take your hardly earned money.

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    Order No 10161773
    I ordered a Blackberry Playbook 16GB on 31/12/2011 with Order No 10161773 with a value of Rs13,300% , as there was a delay in Shipment it was cancelled on 08/01/2012. I got a cancellation mail order. Later when I asked for refund I was told it will be done in a week. Every week I mail them and most often I wont get a reply. It is now more than 700 days. No sign of refund.
    Now no one is replying to mails or picking up phones.

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  8. 8

    Dear Sir,
    I had ordered a Hard disk in timtara online service my Order Number: 10099846. Ordered on 26 march 2012. But I haven’t receive the product for a long time. Please find the below mail from the timtara.

    After waiting for a long time I had registered a complain against timtara in akosha Team (resolving consumer complaints) even they can’t get back the money. The akosha team send a draft letter to file a consumer case against Timtara. But due to the time constrain I havnt register a complain. Please find the attached letter from Akosa Team.

    Please do the needful.

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  10. 10

    dear friends,
    i have booked watch 17 months back, till now no product & refund will happened, i have paid by credit card, please help me how to claim my money back. my order no is 10332228.

  11. 11

    i order samsung mobile or rupees 5000/-on april 2012 til not receving
    i cancelled order after 2 month but still not found any response or money
    i call that number 40 times but all time one answer u got return call in 48 hours

  12. 12

    keep spreading the word among fellow indians, dishonest people start businesses like this to fool non – suspecting people. Their best punishment is if the site gets poor reviews and ZERO customers

  13. 13

    who r facing this timtara fraud..people who has pay it through credit card,they can contact the bank costomer care..
    they will suggest u to fill the despute form..and after they check all the thing if u didnt get product,bank will pay the money..i hd same issue of 10,000.

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      • 16

        Utkarsh is correct…..I have ordered a stuff using my credit card….I waited for so long and when I found the item is not going to be delivered and the calls, emails etc from my end is finding place in dust bin, I approached my bank and did the same as what Utkarsh did…My money is back now….

  15. 17

    Hi All,
    I have also ordered a Mobile phone worth Rs. 16000 from Timtara. I tracked the delivery everyday till next 3 weeks and then I searched about the portal on internet. Here I came to know that they just keep the money for as long as you don’t cancel the order.
    Now I have decided that I don’t want the mobile because I knew I am not going to get it at any cost. So tried searching internet for how to get refund and got one link for the same.
    This will help you in your future as well. If you pay by Credit Card and don’t get the product on time then you can ask your payment gateway for some help.
    I insisted my payment gateway to help for one week and luckily I got my refund.
    Its really sad to see the losses of masses….
    I have also posted the same procedure on Mouthshut but don’t know whether it did help to anyone.

    Lesson from the story:

    You should not avoid m-commerce or e-commerce but must beaware of the fraud sites. Search for the website on google and will get the feedback.
    Gireesh Punjot

  16. 18

    On 18th June 2012, I ordered an HTC 1V cell phone from I ordered using my debit card and made the full payment of Rs. 15,999. This website promised delivery within 15 working days. However, when I did not receive the product within …the promised period, I called them up. They gave me false assurances as to its delivery. This happened a no. of times. They would not even allow me to speak to a manager and promised call backs which never came. Being fed up with this, I cancelled the order on 26th July 2012. Now, I was supposed to receive the refund within 15 working days since then. Obviously, I didn’t. So, I approached I paid them Rs. 500 for their services but even they could not succeed in helping me get my money back. A legal notice was sent but it had no effect. Thereafter, I prepared a consumer court petition and approached the court around January this year but it was not according to format. Before I could file the revised petition according to format, I found out the perpetrators have been arrested. Can I still file the petition and join others in this battle against these criminals at the same time?

  17. 19

    I have ordered philips hair styler (order no. 10397444) on 15 feb 13 amount is 2499. but company closed there is any place where we register our complaint

  18. 20

    Please ignore huge offers on shopping portal website.. shop only on trusted websites like..

    Ebay, Tradus, Flipkart, Snapdeal, homeshop18, Yebhi, Jabong..

    Note:- Please must check before orddering produt..

    1. Warranty (manufacturer/ Seller) manufacturer warranty provide by product company and its safe. but the seller warranty provide buy wendor. its your own risk.

    2. Shipping Detail

    3. if the website provide COD (Cash on Delivary) please preffer this.

    4. if the product not recived by you within shipping day please contact customer care immidiatly. if no response by wendor please contact bank Which you did the card to
    be used for payment and done the of stop payment

  19. 21

    TIMTARA IS Fraud company. Dear All dont buy the things through online Timtara Website.i lost my 20,000- rupees. I booked 6 months back. i dont know how to get my money from TIMTARA.


  20. 22

    I Have booked 20,000- worth of household products through TIMTARA. i did not get money or i did not get any things what i orders last 6 months back. please let me know if anyone have an idea how to get money or things back from TIMTARA.

    it is fraud company. i tried to catch TIMTARA PEOPLE, if you know anything details about TIMTARA Please let me. Thanks for your favor.

    TIMTARA FRAUD COMPANY. Please dont book the any products through TIMTARA COMPANY. its FRAUD COMPANY

  21. 23

    This is worst Site. I have Orderd 2 Products from Timtara before 7 months back.

    My Order Numbers: 10301772 and 10301770.

    I want the police to take very sever action against them.

  22. 24

    If you have paid through credit card, You can file dispute with the credit card issuing bank. They can put on edge amount receiver on behalf of you. I get my money back by this way.

  23. 25

    For all those who have bought anything using Credit Card on this site, you should approach your Credit card company and file a “Dispute Form” against “non-receival” of item against the mentioned Credit Card Transaction.
    The CC people will then take up legal action against them (which probably lasts of 2-3 months) but you will get back your money into your Credit Card in 4-5 working days.
    I too was caught in the tangle so this fraud site but my credit card company (Standard & Chartered) helped me get back my money by this way.
    Kindly note that this facility is available only with 3 months of your payment.

    • 26

      credit card company will not help once the difference between payment date and request for withdrawl of payment exceed 90 days.
      I had already tried this approach with SBI credit card and they have rejected my appeal

  24. 27

    this is the worst e-commerce company I have encountered

    i’m still awaiting the refund of my order no. #10308620
    ordered at 16 aug 2012
    and i’m going to lodge complain against them to delhi cyber cell police.

  25. 28

    Its been a long time since I had the most frustrating experience from timtara. I had ordered a Toshiba TV from Timtara some 2 years back for 20k. I received it after nearly 8 months after much of force from my end about prosecuting them. The worst part was that the customer care numbers that they have in their website never used to work at all. I had struggled through emotional stress and used to keep calling them continuously for weeks together and finally when someone picks up they speak in Hindi. I used to request them to transfer the call to someone speaking English. The worst part was they used to laugh at me with their colleagues and cut the call saying they don’t speak English. After weeks and weeks of trying these bastards laugh at a customer and they have their motto as customer delight company. It is actually a customer fright company. It was at that time, I went through online reviews and they were all over the internet famous for defrauding customers for refunds and cancellation of orders. There was a person Mani or someone who was the manager. I got his number from the internet and He used to talk in a very helpful manner but would not do any work. It was after pressurizing them about moving legally that they sent the TV. I could not believe that I got the TV after 8 months. I actually ordered the TV because I had ordered speakers 3 months before I ordered the TV and got the speakers within 3 weeks, But once they get a huge order they used to be acting like we owe them stuff.
    I am actually delighted to know that justice is served and the CEO and COO were arrested for defrauding customers. The counter announcement they have released is bullshit by saying they have been framed by their competitors and their competitors have hired professionals to do this. These bastards dont stand a chance against fantastic online merchants like Flipkart, Ebay, Landmarkonnet and so on. Why would they hire professionals and waste their precious time on these bastards instead of serving the customers. Anyone who have purchased from timtara will know the truth and definitely have undergone lots of mental stress and agony.
    All that matters now is the defrauded customers and sellers who have lost their money on this shitty bastards. Will they get their money back. Or will these bastards find loopholes in Law and escape to foreign countries.
    As i was going through the comments, one of the affteced customer had mentioned about seizing the properties and anything and everything related to Timtara and using these to pay the refunds for the affected customers.

  26. 29

    have booked 4 products through Online @ on 06.02.2012. Out of which i received only 2 products & 1 wrong product. Still now i don’t have answers for remaining 2 products. Order No are 10185717, 10185721 & 10202235. The value i paid through card is Rs 7587. Few anybody could guide me along other who have wrote comments, it will be great help. So we all get our money back ASAP.

    • 30

      Call up your Credit card customer care and initiate a charge back process. You can use this link as a reference (which proves that company operations have ceased and the case is being investigated so there are no chances of getting products).

  27. 31

    my order num : 10398572 ( ordered on 19th feb 2013)
    product buyed : samsung galaxy s duos
    cost of the product : 11,999 ( payment done on 19th feb 2013 thru internet banking from state bank of india)

    It is not been delivered till march 24th 2013…..i had called customer care and cancelled the order as it is not been getting deliver….it is showing awaiting shipment….they said that the amount is going to refund in 7 working days as it is been cancelled….but i did not got any money…..i used to call daily but there is no response from them….no one used to lift the call…please refund my money back…… soon as possible

  28. 32

    I have purchased thru online Micromax canvas 2 A 110 of Rs. 9,189.00 Vide order no – 10389136 purchased on line dated 25.01.2013 thru credit card.
    Kindly revert back regarding payment refund .

    Paul Anthony Chiramal
    Email –
    Mobile : 98190 99640

  29. 33

    Our Constitution is very liberal for such frauds. It may be small amount for each seller, but it all together, it reaches even in Crore. The frauds simply get bail through the loop holes in law and administration. They simply escape even foreign countries. The court should order to retrieve the database from Timtara admin who sold the items(money not settled yet) and buyers who bought the items (items not yet delivered). Block the bank accounts and properties of Timtara and settle the innocent sellers and buyers in appropriate recovery.

  30. 34
  31. 35

    100 bestbuy is also a fraud company. It did not charge my mobile in spite of receiving money from my credit card account. Making lame excuses. It is big fraud company, just like TIMTARA.

  32. 37

    My Order Number is #10399634 Order Date: 22-02-2013

    Seagate Backup Plus 1TB Portable Drive (STBU1000302) (Blue)

    , Rs 4,879/- Plese help me to get back my mony

  33. 38

    This kind of company will never flourish without working hand in glove with Police and Politicians…Company Like SpeakAsia and many, defrauded their customers and now there is absolutely no news about them

  34. 39

    This order is marked as Payment refund pendingYour Order Contains the Following Items:
    Gift Item code : E 305
    My Order #10382796 Value : 2,098/-
    Order Date: 08-01-2013
    Recipient: Muralidhar T
    Reply or call me to this no .09094888378 – but still not processed – timtara fraud company

  35. 40
  36. 41


    Big portals like is also doing the same kind of fraud. There are number of complain against makemytrip regarding refund.

    My 2 ticket refund have not been processed by them after 40 days. They are deliberately doing delay. They send a link to submit complain which is not working.

    Here is my ticket details.

    BusNU2701495112664805 May 2013Chennai – BangaloreCancelled5
    BusNU2701495112634205 May 2013Chennai – BangaloreFailed5
    BusNU2701495112615006 May 2013Chennai – BangaloreCancelled6
    BusNU2701495112587404 May 2013Bangalore – ChennaiFailed5

  37. 43
  38. 44

    this is my order details…from one year to still now i have not
    received my order timtara an fraud institution

    Your order details are shown below.

    Your Order

    Order Status: Payment refund pending

    Order Date: 21-04-2012 @ 7:55 PM

    Order Recipient: surendra achari

    Order Total: Rs. 4,540 INR

    Billing Details
    surendra achari

    7-48, btr puram, mangalam(post),tirupati, chittoor(dist)

    tirupati, ANDHRA PRADESH 517507


    Shipping Details
    surendra achari

    7-48, btr puram, mangalam(post),tirupati, chittoor(dist)

    tirupati, ANDHRA PRADESH 517507


    Order #10241246 Contained the Following Items:

    Item Details

    1 x
    Philips Blu-ray DVD player + Handmade Bamboo Colorful Jewelry from 48 Craft Combo

    Rs. 4,540

    Rs. 4,540

    Rs. 0

    Total Amount Payable:
    Rs. 4,540 INR

  39. 46

    Its been there for a while and the company had duped me of Rs. 5990 for the WD hard disk i ordered in March 2012.i incidentally deposited the amount into their bank account because of repeated online payment failure. Employees from the site called up and suggested that i deposit it in their account. Till this day i regret not taking precaution for offers which was to good to be true. My order # 10223386, never appeared on my registered ID but always reflected in their system. Later on they cancelled the order and remained as refund pending until one of its employee suggested that i go for alternate product. even after giving and alternative choice it was never their intention to give me back either my money or any product. Even the employees of the company were involved in this fraudulent activity. along with the top management, they should also be held accountable.

  40. 47

    my Order number is #10178173 Order Date: 26-01-2012 Samsung GW73BD 20Ltr Grill Microwave Oven, rs 4399/- Plese help me to get back my mony

  41. 48
  42. 49

    Order was placed on 21st November
    2012 (order number10357292) and payment has been made by credited card for
    amount of Rs.17280/-. As per site terms and condition shipping time is 3 weeks within
    that product will we delivered which was 21st December 2012.
    But after that whenever we called on customer care (01353051500/03156670700) number we used to get answer of awaiting shipment.
    We immediately cancelled the order and for which we got order cancellation number 59762.
    Than all of sudden boththe customer care number disappeared and there was a mobile number i.e. 09555321321 on which we spooked to some person he told to send mail on ‘’ but yet there was response.
    And now both number and sitedoes not exist.

    Request you to pls help to get the money refund.


    Vikas J Bhosale


    • 50

      Assistant Commissioner of Police, Cyber Crime Cell, EOW, Crime Branch, Mandir Marg, New Delhi-110001 Phone No. 011-23746782 or through mail at acp-cybercell-dl@…in

    • 51

      In your case, you should have approcahed your credit card company and filed a “dispute form” and they would have taken care of the payment.
      But that facility is only available till 3 months of your payment.
      I got back my money in that manner from this fraud site in just 4 working days.

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