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Busy Schedules, on the go lifestyle, limited time has changed the way people think and live in recent years. In this life of urgency one has to choose priorities at every step before making a decision to invest time and money in an activity. Taking out time for auditioning at concerts, following your passion, showcasing your talent at reality shows is not so easy and doable thing for a common man.

Tallenge, amalgam of words Talent and Challenge, is an online platform which let you live your dream along with your hectic life schedule at zero cost.  brings contests across 25 categories where users can participate. Just upload your media in any particular contest and share among your network (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc ). Users across the world can view your entry and can vote for it, entry with the maximum votes wins the prize.

In this way one can display his talent among a large audience, can know the feedback on his work, there is no entry fee or any travel cost involved. One can compete globally and best part it  takes few minutes of your time to generate response. Language, location and form is not a hindrance if you have talent.

Company which went operational in April 2013 has witnessed 40,000 unique visitors up till now with more than 3,000 participants coming in. With visitors coming from more than 125 countries across the world ,major chunk of traffic is from U.S and Europe followed by other countries with India contributing less than 2%. Six contests have been organized as of now with winners getting a cash prize of average value of more than $500. Headquartered in Delaware, US, company has development centre in India with a team of 10 people in total.

In terms of monetization, Ad supported model and Brand supported model are the two main revenue sources in such kind of platforms. Where in Ad supported models companies display ads for reaching out to viewers, in Brand Supported models they sponsor particular contests which goes with the brand theme and thus engaging consumers. Though content in form of video/images/documents etc can also be capitalized in different ways.

The concept of sharing talent and winning rewards is not new as websites such as,  Yobi.TV, Taltopia, Touchtalent etc are looking to capitalize this space. But as ‘about us’ page of  and the  Founder, Praveen himself  claims Tallenge is Earth’ largest talent platform. “Though We are not claiming to be never-seen-before idea but mostly platforms of such nature have limitations of region, language,categories etc. Tallenge being the first of its kind offers a global platform with participants flocking in from across the world and competing in an array of large categories”, claims praveen further.

Website  which is in beta mode right now offers easy to use interface with simple navigation but it will be interesting to see how it will carve out the space in the niche in a crowded market and how effectively it will reach out to masses by using robust marketing strategies.

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    Tallenge seems to be a very interesting site for competitions. I have recently spoken to a friend of mine who told me that their licenses have been updated and specifically mentioned that they don’t abuse or misuse rights on our artwork. I am pretty confident hereon. After all they are giving us so much, we should totally use this opportunity for our advantage. Thanks a lot for the post and please keep posting more information on their other contests, I would love to join them. Thanks a lot again.

  2. 2

    The Tallenge website FAQ says that you owe the copyright of the works you upload, but itslicense text clearly says:

    ‘ you irrevocably grant Tallenge, its successors, subsidiaries, parent and related companies, licensees, assignees, and third parties acting on Tallenge’s behalf, an exclusive worldwide, royalty-free right to license to use, exhibit, license, sub-license, distribute, perform, post, display, copy, publish, promote, re-format, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, adapt, make available online or electronically transmit and exploit the Submission, for free, […] for a period of five (5) years from the date you entered the contest. After the term of the foregoing license expires, the license shall automatically convert into a non-exclusive license to Tallenge in perpetuity.’

    It’s a scam.

    • 3

      Um, I’m sorry, how is this a “scam” exactly? They’ve clearly mentioned what they’re going to do with your content. If you don’t like the terms, you don’t have to participate. And I know for a fact that they actually give out prize money to their winners. 🙂 It can’t get any more legit than that.

    • 4

      I am a musician and an active participant on Tallenge and their copyright policy is perfectly good.

      You are surely a representative of a competing website that is threatened by a superior product and are going around posting trash on different forums. Get a life, or build a better product!

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