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Startup Chile 2013 program selects 100 startups to get them global (10 Indian Startups)

Start-up chile, an accelerator program run by Chilean government that seeks to attract early stage, high-potential entrepreneurs to bootstrap their startups in Chile, using it as a platform to go global. It has now announced 100 selected startup companies who will join Start-up Chile program in its seventh batch.

Startups from more than 28 countries applied in this accelerator program, out of which around 19% of the selected companies are from US, followed by 18% of Chilean and 10% are the Indian start-ups those have qualified.

During this program, the selected startups would receive $40,000 in cash reward and 1 year of resident visa in the country, provided by office space and other infrastructural and ecosystem support in Chile.

Following are a few startups from India and other nations that caught our interest –

AgentPanda – AgentPanda puts an end to the chaos of group-trip planning. Think of AgentPanda as the Basecamp for planning group trips.

Appetite+ – is a simple and fun way to discover and share apps with your friends.

Bitrockr (India) – an online platform which allow users to store their personal information for future reference. It allows users to input data directly into the platform using the web or mobile applications.

BoxFox: – BoxFox is a B2B marketplace for small retailers to appraise and liquidate excess merchandise to authorized resellers.

CloudCase – CloudCase is a Mobile app that lets professionals access and fill paperwork, take photos and access/edit client files from their personal mobile devices, while syncing and collaborating in real-time with co-workers.

DiceDeco – An e-commerce company aiming to revolutionize the living room furniture market. Customers can build a 3D version of their dream sofa, virtually try it in any space, opine on new designs, invest and profit from production.

Epiclist – Epiclist connects people around the world to pursue the biggest goals in their lives. Its online platform allow users to connect with others and help them Live dreams, plan and capture their actions.

Fabsie – An online product platform, aims to take advantage of new trends in the digitization of manufacturing through digital-to-physical production. Powered by designers and makers to create and deliver great products.

FITH Media Pvt. Ltd (India) – is a mobile games developing company. Started in January this year, the company has released a number of successful games. Few of released games include, Nikal PAdi, Kutte pe Kutta and Mumbai ka Dabbawala.

iBillionaire – A mobile app that aims to help regular investors make smarter investment decisions by providing them with Investment Ideas from financial Billionaires. The app tracks the portfolios filed to the SEC of more than 10 billionaires

Kiddie Kist – is a monthly subscription for busy parents to boost their child’s creativity and intelligence. A customer get mini-games, e-Magazines and e-Books related to a theme plus options  of activities right for a child’s age.

Linknovate – Linknovate is an online professional network for product innovation and R&D.

Manetch –  Manetch is the global platform for managers for targeted know-how and experience exchange based on a peer-to-peer matchmaking process. The personal priorities, challenges and experience are the basis for the matchmaking profile, which is used by the Manetch algorithm to identify the best fits for the users’ professional networks.

Microsolar (India) – develops ultra low-cost solar electronics. The company installs small scale solar devices like inverters. As per the company claims its patent pending technology costs 70% less than the competition, generate 25% more energy, and offer plug-n-play implementation.

Motorpaneer (India) – a New Delhi based startup company which helps buyers make better decisions while buying a new car. Its online platform provides a set of tools to do matchmaking for different user personas with cars that suit their lifestyle.

Project e[X] (India) – creating a portable solar powered device to solve power needs of classrooms in developing world. Its power solutions will power up tablets and other basic classroom equipments. With a mission to ‘Bring classroom technology back to relevance’, the company started its operations in January 2013.

Reverbeo – Reverbeo helps businesses grow their global audience by using game changing technology to reduce the time, cost and effort of building and delivering multilingual websites.

Table Grabber (India) – is an online restaurant reservation platform. In addition to provide real time updates on table availability, the website also provides exclusive deals and offers at restaurants around the city.

The end goal of the accelerator program is to convert Chile into the definitive innovation and entrepreneurial hub of Latin America; this is a mission shared by the Government of Chile and is a primary focus of the Ministry of Economy.

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