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South Asian Market, new favourite of Accelerators

Singapore based JFDI (The Joyful Frog Digital Incubator) has unveiled it’s second batch of start-ups for the boot camp. Accelerator picked its another batch of 9 start-ups with rewarding each of them with an immediate S$25,000 (US $20,000) investment to tide them over for 100 days. The selected startups also includes 2 Indian Startups.

The Demo day will give startups a chance to win S$600,000 (USD 485,000) or more, where the team gets six minutes on stage to impress an audience of active early-stage investors, reveals JFDI in a blog post on Feb 2, 2013. The 100 day program which will end in June, will attract lot of eyeballs to meet the potential for the price money.

The JFDI chosen startup includes,

  1. AskAbt, from India, have a platform to manage real-time crowdsourced queries (C–C)
  2. Collabspot, from France and Philippines, have a novel approach to Customer Relationship Management (B-B)
  3. DayTripR, from Singapore and New Zealand, have an online data collection utility (B–B)
  4. DocTree, from Singapore and India, have software for medical practice management (B–B–C)
  5. Duable Chinese (讀able), from the USA, make Chinese language learning fun and effective (B–C)
  6. Fashfix, from Singapore and Malaysia, helps fashionistas turn their wardrobes into blog shops (C–C)
  7. My Fitness Wallet, from Singapore, are working on health and wellness (B–C)
  8. Referoll, from Singapore and Vietnam, have a business that recruits participants for research studies (B–B–C)

As per the blog post each team must focus on a real-world problem that is worth solving. It must show that its solution fits that problem and finally prove that the market is willing to pay for the solution. Execution is more important than the idea, emphasised JFDI.

In a similar stint to capitalise on untapped South Asian market and to promote the startup ecosystem, Silicon Valley based Bootstrap labs has announced today a unique 12 months program for  technology start-ups. Bootstrap Acclerator is a Joint Venture between Silicon Valley’s BootStrap Labs and Malaysia based MAD Incubator.

Accelerator is focused on capital efficient software companies that leverage the speed of internet distribution and the scalability of cloud infrastructure, independently of their vertical or segment.

As per  Nicolai Wadstrom Founder Bootstrap Labs,  Southeast Asia is a “thrilling” market with one billion consumers and a general market potential of US$30 trillion by 2020.

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