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SocialBlood, a startup connecting blood donors gets angel lifeline

SocialBlood, a Bangalore based online healthcare startup has recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Rajan Anandan, Karthik Reddy of Blume Ventures, and Ravi Gururaj & Ramesh Shah of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels.

Founded in June 2011, SocialBlood is a social network which connects blood donors and recipients of the same blood type using Facebook as a connecting medium. The startup provides map-based integrated service to connect people in need and to help them know whom to approach in the time of emergency. The startup connects citizens of the same blood group and quickly locate emergency blood donors.

The startup has a total of 8 different groups on Facebook, one for each blood type. Free to join for anyone, when a group member comes across a need of blood donation, he/she can post a message to the group and potential donors in the area can claim to help. Already having more than 1500 participants in each blood group, the platform is continuously getting more invites from people each day.

Founded by Karthik Naralasetty, a college drop out from Rutgers University in New Jersey. Karthik established his first venture – a tech based startup called Redcode Informatics in Bangalore in 2009. In June 2011, after a shocking incident about a family’s struggle to find regular blood transfusions for their four-year-old daughter to treat her thalassemia, Karthik created

Recently SocialBlood was also featured as upcoming online healthcare startups on Iamwire among other interesting healthcare startups.

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