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Social media marketing snapshot of top Indian brands: A report

Social media-savvy organizations have realized that social media plays an important role in generating insights and engaging with customers and has helped organizations to create their own communities of fans, customers or prospects, as analyzed by Ernst & Young in its latest report on Social Media Marketing in India.

Ernst & young surveyed 48 social media savvy organizations in India including P&G, Yatra, Flipkart, Microsoft, Honda and others regarding the use of social media in organizations for the last quarter of 2012 and early 2013.

Below are the key findings from the report:-

95.7% of the surveyed social media-savvy organizations in India use the medium to build communities and advocate usage while 76.1% use social media as a platform to highlight brand news.

83% said that they have used social media ads to promote a contest/promotion or for brand awareness while 88.6% find social media ads to be beneficial in achieving those objectives.

Facebook comes to be the most important social media platform followed by Twitter, Youtube and Blogging. The marketers are also using other platforms such as Pinterest, Google Plus, and Foursquare widely.

Also, most of the surveyed organizations accepted the fact that they show a special favour to their online consumers rather than the offline ones.

Amazingly, mobile ecosystem has also shown a growth along with social media as half of the social media-savvy organizations in India have created mobile phone apps and one-fourth are planning to create one.

Use of content in social media marketing

Social media-savvy organizations mostly include interesting pictures, videos, factoids, quiz, and industry news with picture contests being the most popular one. One example is Flipkart’s ongoing “Six Degree of Separation” contest where fans are shown three to four seemingly unrelated pictures and are asked to find one common thread between them. Also Generic updates (related to the values of the brand) are most preferred over brand posts (e.g., brand news, product descriptions, or updates promoting the brand directly).

Number of Tweets per day

On Twitter, 33.3% of surveyed organizations said that they post more than 3 tweets a day while 28.9% said they tweet two to three times a day. For organizations using Twitter for customer service, the number of tweets (or replies) is likely to be much higher.

Use of analytics and measuring in social media marketing in India

Many social media-savvy organizations in India use tools for online monitoring, response management, or managing social media platforms. When it comes to measuring the social media success, it was quite surprising to know that 46.7% of the organizations never measured revenue from their social media efforts while on the positive note, 81% of the social media-savvy organizations measure their social media efforts through platform-specific parameters such as likes, people talking about this, etc.

Who handles Social media?

Most of the companies, approx. 75% have their social media efforts managed by marketing departments while 70.2% of the social media-savvy organizations said they have an in-house social media expert in the middle management.

Social Media Marketing budgets

More than half of the companies spend only 1%-5% of their marketing budget on social media and three-fourths of the organizations surveyed have their social media budget below INR10 million, while a little above a quarter of the organizations surveyed have social media budgets exceeding INR 20 million.

This budget seems to be quite less when compared to the INR 1070 million advertising budget of Godrej Consumer Products in December 2012 quarter or the INR 990 million advertising budget of Colgate Palmolive in 2012.

With increasing penetration of internet and increasing no. of companies in ecommerce space, social media has gained a lot of  importance making it easier to reach target clients and do brand positioning in the targeted market segment. This report by Ernst & young on Social media marketing in india, has surely thrown a light on the present status of social media in india and its adoption by the top brands. With increasing optimism, it can be seen that in future, the growth of social media within organizations will be marked by both an increase in scale and sophistication.

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