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PC sales in India rose by 7.5% from January to March

With changing lifestyle and adoption of technology, having a computer device where one can store data, surf internet and do other tasks has become a necessity. But despite of a weaker global demand of PCs due to a recent shift to handy laptops and smartphone devices, Indian PC market has still managed to see an upward trend.

According to a report by IDC, personal computer sale in India has grown by 3% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2013 as compared to last year’s sale. The overall India PC shipments for quarter 1, 2013 stood at 2.71 million units with quarter-on-quarter growth of 7.5%.

The commercial PC market has encountered the maximum sales with 12.8 percent quarter-on quarter growth. Where branded PCs have seen only a few large deals, primarily in BFSI, IT and other govt verticals, consumer market remained largely flat with quarter-on-quarter growth of 1.5%.

In terms of vendor share, HP attained the top spot with 22.5% market share in Q1 followed by Acer and Dell. Acer and Dell, continued to hold their segment strength. Acer remains strong in the commercial business while Dell was seen riding high on its price cuts.

“High inventory in the beginning of the quarter and weak sales towards the closing weeks largely pulled back the growth witnessed in Q1 2013” said Kiran Kumar, Research Manager, IDC India.

Just like globally, the competing segments of smartphones and tablets are impacting the growth of PC sales in India. With the high gap in technology adoption in India w.r.t the population, the PC sales could have been much better.

Talking of the smartphone market in India, according to a publication manufacturers have shipped 5.7 million handsets to India, during quarter 1 of 2013, i.e a 64% increase from year-earlier levels. Android, the leading smartphone operating systems in India is enjoying a market share of 75% in the first quarter of year 2013, followed by iOS.

The future of PC sales in India will still reach a maxima sooner, as average Indian consumers are becoming more tech savvy. Also increase in India’s industrial landscape, provide PC companies good scope to do a profitable business.

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