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National cyber security policy gets Govt nod

Looking at increasing number of cyber threats, Indian Government had finally approved National Cyber Security Policy aiming to create a secure computing environment along-with building capacities to strengthen the current setup.

From past few months, Government was in the process of setting up a national cyber security architecture to prevent sabotage, espionage and other forms of cyber attack. The idea was to protect information infrastructure and networks which include monitoring, certification and assurance by designated agencies and bodies in accordance with the law. Recently, Minister for Communications and Information Technology Kapil Sibal  had also emphasised on need to work to curb cyber crimes in the country.

How will it help?

1) The National Cyber Security policy will provide a roadmap for strengthening cyber security and training manpower in the country.

2) It will also provide a secure computing environment with building adequate trust and confidence for electronic transaction.

3) It will cater ICT users and providers including small and home users, medium and large enterprises and government and non-government entities as well.

4) Cyber security intelligence will form an integral component to anticipate attacks and quickly adopt counter measures.

Why India need National Cyber Security policy?

In the current scenario, where apart from common man, Government websites and officials are also being vulnerable to cyber attacks, has stressed government to come up with a policy to protect from more of such situations. Cyber security not only include protection of data but also safeguard that data for present and future as well.

According to a recent report, in 2011 India had suffered losses of  $8 billion approximately due to cyber-crime and an estimated 14,392 websites in the country were hacked in 2012. As per  findings of McAfee, India has the lowest rate of security measure adoption and if attacked the average estimated cost of downtime associated with any major incident is around Rs 30 crore a day.

With this the increasing internet penetration and growth of e commerce, social media and internet base applications in India had made Cyber Security an un-avoidable asset to protect Businesses, Governments and Organisations.

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