mYwindow, a social network helping users filter junk updates

Founded by two young entrepreneurs Nikunj Agarwal and Veer Mishra, mYwindow is a social network platform where users can follow people as well as their passion.

Quite similar to, mYwindow helps users to build their online presence and market their businesses, skills and talent. Supported by a video in the background, a user provide details about his/her creations, inspirations, wishes etc.

mYwindow filters content before uploading it to a user’s homepage. Unlike Twitter and Linkedin, on mYwindow a user can follow people’s passion rather than all of their junk. For example if one is interested to learn about the new dishes of Gordan Ramsay, he/she will not be forced to see why Ramsay likes Lady Gaga or what are his top 10 travel destinations.

“In Twitter and Linkedin where when following a person, you see information that is irrelevant to your interests. Eg. he is eating a pizza or going for a walk, in mYwindow, that doesn’t happen” added Nikunj, co-founder, mYwindow.

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mYwindow is also adding a new feature called ‘Family’ in near future, under which users can connect to their family members and do group chats and video calls with their loved ones. Not only that, mYwindow auto-adds important family events like birthdays and anniversaries in the calendar.

Flooded with text and pictures, the website seems quite confusing to understand in the starting. However, there are some demo profiles which help users to know how the site works. The biggest turnoff about the website is that the videos are set to start as soon as you open a profile with a bug of videos overlapping to give mixed sounds.

Currently in closed beta, the users will have to send an invite to use the platform. In approx four months, mYwindow has received more than 20k requests. The company is also launching its app in just over a month’s time which will be available on iOS and Android platforms. It will be interesting to see how they bring such a heavy site onto a mobile handset.

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Not making any profits at the moment, the website has a very unique plan to monetize in future – by allowing people to sell their creations on its platform. “We are currently developing this feature which will be available for the users in next few months time” added Nikunj.

With a number of other established social networks available, adding people to its network is perhaps where mYwindow will find its biggest challenge. Well, on a positive note, increasing internet penetration and an overwhelming percentage of young Indian population still provides a decent scope to these social network startups to enter and sustain in the market.

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