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Marry in a week, a matrimonial app for facebook singles

Getting married might not be a big deal, but getting married in India can be a big decision. When it comes to arrange marriages, be it guys or girls or the hassled parents, finding the right one is a nightmare.

Marryinaweek, a Facebook app has entered the space of online matchmaking with the aim to help people find right partners using their Facebook profiles as a base.

As the name suggests, the app speeds up the whole process of finding the right match and unlike other matrimony portals like Bharat matrimony,, Simplymarry etc.

Once a user login, the app requests him to add his personal details, partner preference, photo albums etc. and starts suggesting the matching profiles from its existing user base. The suggestions as well as the expressed interest expires in 7 days making room for new requests. Another interesting feature, ‘Find who likes you’ enables an individual to broadcast a request among the users. This request is sent as a suggestion to other relevant people who in return express their interest within 7 days, if interested and helps to discover all the  profiles in one go speeding up the process.

According to Bhraman Rattan, Director, Marry in a week, the reason behind using Facebook as a platform is to ensure credibility and validity. Guys who are looking to get married are less likely to fake their identities among their FB friends and network thus verifying the education, work and address details to be right on their profile. Marryinaweek extends its services further to the offline medium by organizing speed dating events.

Launched in January 2013, Marryinaweek  now has 12000 users with 200 users adding to growth each day, 40% of the user base represents females. The app engages with users on its FB page by posting interesting facts about dating, quotes, videos and contests and has almost 10,000 likes on the page. It is open for everyone who has a Fb account, but most of the users right now comes from Metro cities with 20% of its users from tier-2 and tier 3 cities.

App is free for the users but when it comes to monetization, company plans to generate revenue by cashing on a feature called ‘Find who likes you’ which, at the moment, is available for free. Advertisements and speed dating events are other sources on which company is planning to make some cash in the coming future.

Though the app is still a bit tiresome as filling in the lengthy information but hope this is the bare minimum one has to do in order to find a right partner. For now, app is only available on facebook but soon will be launched on Android platform as well.

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