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Internet of Things, the future of internet

You enter a supermarket, want to know the availability, price and location of an item x in a store. A voice search via mobile app or a wearable computer (just like google glass) provides you the satisfactory result on your screen and on the top of that you purchase it via mobile payment and find it home delivered. Sounds magical, but it’s the future, Internet of Things.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things is a concept where all ordinary devices around you will be connected to Internet. Besides Routers, Switches ,Mobiles and PC’s , things like T.V, Car, Furniture, Home Appliances, lights and even buildings will be connected via internet to create a strong network which will generate massive amount of data.

Wonder how easy things will be if individual parts of your car display their track report for each month i.e brakes are not working well, engine oil needs to be replaced, vipers are not working etc and sends out an automated request to the nearest service station which in return routes the request to the nearest service van which finally takes no time to come and fix up your machine. While you are taking a nap your machines are interacting with each other to solve the problem. This machine to machine (M2M) interaction is the core of vision of Internet of things.

A concept which can be the future of Internet and which according to Cisco, will be a $14 trillion business opportunity in times to come. Internet of Things or Network of things is a term coined 10 years ago and first highlighted in 2005 in a study by ITU as per a report by CER-IOT. According to a Research by IMS, by 2020 there will be more than 22 billion web connected devices, which will generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data each day. In other words, information generated each hour, at that time will be so enormous that it will fit in around 7 million DVD’s. IOT will use MQTT protocol as an open standard as declared by OASIS recently.


Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) a standard backed by Red hat, TIBCO , CISCO IBM and other organizations was recently  proposed by OASIS (Advancing open standards for the Internet Society) as the open messaging protocol for IOT.

According to  Mike Riegel, an IBM vice president of mobile and application integration middleware, MQTT will play the same role in IOT as HTTP did in Internet.

MQTT which was first developed by IBM and Eurotech is a light-weight protocol and is already in wide use in satellite communication, Oil and Gas Industry, Hospitality and in other domains including Facebook Messenger which uses it for message communication.

IBM’s move to cash in the opportunity

Using MQTT as an underlying protocol IBM on Monday launched an appliance called IBM Message Sight at company’s annual Impact Event in Las Vegas. The box which has MQTT as a base can support 1 million concurrent sensors and mobile devices and can grow up to 13 million messages per second, processing huge data and information in real time. IBM Message sight is a part of IBM’s early initiative of Smarter planet and Mobile First Strategy.

Though the term IOT is still in a nascent stage which is more likely to evolve over the next 10 years, but some tech giants and innovative MNC’s have already taken the path with Nike launching a sensor based shoe which tracks the data and sends it to the ipod while you run.

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