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Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicator Report, Q4, FY12: TRAI

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has yet again came up with its report to present the key Parameters and growth trends for the Telecom Services in India for the quarter ending December, 2012.

The report provides a broad perspective on the Telecom Services to serve as a reference document for various stakeholders, research agencies and analysts.

Here are some key highlights from the report.

1)  Total telephone subscription: The number of telephone subscribers in India decreased from 937.70 million at the end of Sep-12 to 895.51 million at the end of Dec-12, registering a negative growth of 4.50% over the previous quarter Sep-12.

a) Urban Areas: subscription decreased from 595.69 million to 556.96 million

b) Rural Areas: subscription decreased from 342.01 million to 338.54 million.

During the quarter, only J&K Circle has recorded the positive growth rate of 0.15% while Tamil Nadu still leads with a subscriber base of 76.42 million.

2) Wireless service: Total Wireless (GSM + CDMA) subscriber base came down to 864.72 million at the end of Dec-12, thereby showing a negative growth of 4.62%.

a) Leading operator: Bharti remains the leading operator with 181.91 million subscribers at the end of Dec-12, followed by Vodafone (147.48 million) and Reliance (118.53 million).

b) GSM vs CDMA: At the end of Dec-12, GSM subscribers constituted 91.01% of the wireless market. Also, there has been a net decline of 20.08 million CDMA subscribers during the quarter ending Dec-12.

3) Internet services: According to TRAI, there were 25.33 million internet subscribers at the end of Dec-12 registering a quarterly growth of 5.49%. Apart from this, 430.60 million wireless subscribers have subscribed to Data services, as reported by the wireless service providers.

a) Top ISP: BSNL holds 51.69% of the market share with reported subscriber base of 13.09 million Internet subscribers with Reliance at second position (6.24 million) followed by MTNL (1.94 million).

b) Leading state: Maharashtra is having largest Internet (<256 Kbps) and Broadband (>=256 Kbps) subscriber base in the country. Tamil Nadu is at second place in internet and broadband subscriber base.

As per the reports available with the TRAI, 35 ISPs are providing Internet Telephony services presently. Top 10 ISPs together hold 95.42% of the total Internet subscriber base.

4) Revenue and usage: On an all India average, the overall MOU per subscriber per month for GSM service increased by 4.99% from 342 in QE Sep-12 to 359 in QE Dec-12. and for CDMA by 2.15%, from 225.22 to 230.06. Prepaid MOU per subscriber increased by 5.21% (from 321 to 338), while postpaid MOUs decreased by 0.68% (from 960 to 953).

The total telephone subscribers be the wireline or wireless, are at continuous decline as the trend shown by the current report along with the previous TRAI report titled, “Highlights on Telecom Subscription Data as on 31st January 2013”. However, the rural wireless subscription base is increasing, thus indicating an opportunity present in the rural india. With increase in private players in the market and also the increasing internet subscriber database, the players in the internet ecosystem can now move further to reap the benefits.

The complete report can be downloaded from here.

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