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Indian government launches its own eGov appstore

As a national level common repository showcasing NIC components and apps, that can be re-used by various government agencies/departments at Center and States, Indian governemnt has launched its own eGov AppStore, first tracked by

The app store will help the officials to use apps without investing effort in development of such applications. The major objective is to avoid duplication of effort and cost, ensuring easy availability of certified applications at one place.

New Delhi, for an instance has made 15 apps available on the store, highest till date, which can be downloaded by other states for use. Also, the site has the feature adding two level approval process for contributing application and to make only authenticated users to download application for consumption.

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The app store currently have around 20 apps such as e-hospital, e-district, e-office, etc along with 8 components and 1 web service with an option of filter search on the basis of Application type, application category, and state.

In future, the AppStore will be developed as a complete ecosystem including mechanisms for funding, contract management, SaaS , etc and will also become a part of the GI cloud initiative under government of India.

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