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Hiring Programmers is just a matter of Click – InterviewStreet

Looking to hire programmers , coders and software engineers? Interviewstreet might be of interest to you. Be it large MNC’c or tech start-ups, hiring tech talent has always been a daunting task. is an online portal which helps companies to find the right candidate when it comes to hiring coders, developers and techies. Where large corporations are flooded with the applications most of which lie below the basic standards, start-ups are struggling to find the quality candidates for the tech profiles.

Interview street address the problem effectively. It provides an online mechanism for evaluating the performance and knowledge of the programmers saving huge amount of developer’s time for companies to filter and select the right candidates, and also helps eligible candidates in finding their dream job who are otherwise wondering around.

Companies can upload a customized programming test (almost in any language) on the portal  which evaluates candidates based on their programming skills. Applicant’s code is checked against a set of test cases which tells how optimal the code is. It acts as a time saver for companies as they interact only with the candidates who are above the benchmark.

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Saving recruitment time while screening the programmers is a contradictory statement. Be it a campus placements or lateral hiring, companies have always struggled with the time specially when it comes to find programmers and coders which can do wonders. Organizations spend a huge amount of time in the interview process while selecting candidates specially for profiles such as programming or software engineers.

Similarly when it comes to campus hiring, Interviewstreet helps companies to reduce the time invested in the interview process. Companies can just give a link on the portal which contains the test and the results will be automatically evaluated. It helps companies to save a lot of time which otherwise was wasted in evaluating results before moving to the next round.

“We simplify Tech hiring” says Hari,Co-Founder, Interviewstreet. Providing automated evaluation of code in 16 languages portal has pricing models ranging from $199 for start-ups to $ 699 for enterprises.

With clients such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart and lot more portal wishes to help each programmer out their in finding a job.  For the same it organizes a contest called Code Sprints where programmers around the world compete to prove their worth to potential employers. 4 such code Sprints has taken place till date with hundreds of employers such as Quora ,Facebook  and Microsoft has picked the employees. 5th Code Sprint is expected to happen soon anywhere between  the end of May or early June.

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For creating a much larger talent pool of coders and programmers  HackerRank, an online community for hackers was founded in 2011. HackerRank acts as a social platform for hackers around the globe who competes amongst each other to evaluate their skills.

Interview Street, a morpheous gang company was launched back in 2009 by Vivek Ravisankar and Harishankaran Karunanidhi,. In 2011 it went on to become a first Indian Startup to be selected at Y Combinator which raised approx $3 million from Khosla Ventures.With a17 people team, portal has offices in US and India (Bangalore) and aims to increase its reach among the student community providing them the platform to evaluate their skills along with a job.

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