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Gmail new navigation drawers leaked out

During a session in Google I/O conference, on “Structure in Android App Design”, it seems that the snapshots of Google new design for Gmail were leaked out as reported by Android Police.

As displayed in the discussion slides of Gmail on mobile, the Google will be dropping the bottom action bar and redesigning the Gmail navigation drawer, in order to ease its use especially for those who used to put lots of label in their mails. The differences can be seen in the below images displaying the new and old Gmail design respectively.


The new navigation drawer comes with features like now it can display many views and can include lower level screens. Also, it is accessible from anywhere, and can be collapsed when not in use to make the screen more compact.

Also, few default tabs will be added in the new design like Main, Social, Offers, Notifications, and Forums as reported by The Next Web.

However, in its recent Google I/O conference, Google has talked about many new things, thus it is yet to be cleared whether this new design is real or just a discussion by the Gmail team.

Also, recently Google has announced a new feature which will make the search in Gmail more easy and relevant, initially launching for U.S. users.

With this new feature, as the user begin searching into Gmail search box, the user can instantly start seeing relevant emails from Gmail as well as results from Google Drive, Google Calendar, and more. Similarly, search results on Google will also include relevant information and messages from Gmail.

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