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Google testing Product listing ads in India, signs of Google Shopping to come

Internet search giant, Google has silently started testing product listing ads in search for India. This means now when you search a product on Google, it will not only provide you with the information of product but will also suggest online retail websites selling it.

The product listing currently will appear for selective product keywords, and will be displayed on the right side of the search, with images, price, product information and sellers for the product. It will link to the sellers product page directly.

The search was based on relevance earlier which soon was shifted to the bidding model under Google’s shopping program. The retailers who are paying more for product listing have more chances to showcase their products. Google also provides API to companies to manage listings.

On contacting Nitin Bawankule, Industry Director Ecommerce, Local & Media, Google India, to know about the status of Google shopping and Product listing in India he said, that Google shopping is not yet launched in India and no date has been decided yet, and this is just ‘Product Listing Ads’ as there is a separate tab for Google Shopping.

To register, the sellers need to provide list of its products which he wants to offer, with pictures, prices, information, so that Google can find right customer based on seller’s location preference. Google creates an ad and display it with all the details and promotions. One doesn’t need to set keywords as search results are directly built on Product Listing Ads.

Google Product listing will not only help retailers to gain more customers, but will also help Google to boost it’s traffic for product search, as per the current trends users are getting more inclined to search for products on online stores directly, but now with listing of these products directly on Google, it may help search giant to regain it’s product search traffic.

But Google is not the only one in the race, it faces a tough competition and threat from the online retailer Amazon, which is working on a similar principle. Though, according to CPC Strategy, a comparison shopping agency, Google Shopping sent 120% more customers to advertisers and was 32.7% more cost effective than Amazon Product Ads in 2012 in US. But Google Shopping’s conversion rates continued to decline after Quarter 2, 2012 when Amazon Product surpassed Google Shopping during Quarter 4, 2012.

For now, Google shopping feature is available in 12 countries including United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Brazil, etc. Apart from these countries, it is testing it in various other countries as well.

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