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Google launches new inbox for Gmail

Giving a backseat to all rumors, Google has officially launched a new inbox for Gmail on desktop and mobile which can group mail into categories which appear as different tabs such as Primary, Social, Promotions and Update, as announced on the Google blog.

The desktop view will group the mails into different categories which will appear as different tabs. In Gmail for Android 4.0+ and Gmail for iPhone and iPad apps, the Primary mail will be seen when the user open the app and also provides the feature to help easily navigate to the other tabs.

The images are quite similar to those we have pointed out in our previous article discussing the new Gmail design.

The new inbox can be easily customized with an option to drag-and-drop messages between tabs. The desktop, Android and iOS versions will become available within the next few weeks. The users are advised to look for ‘Configure Inbox’ option in the Settings to try out the new inbox on the desktop sooner.

This move may disappoint performance of email marketeers as it will help gmail users to stay away from filtered promotional. Gmail is still having huge penetration as a email client with 425 million active users globally as of mid last year.

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