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Google I/O conference 2013 highlights

Google isn’t just a web search company anymore. Last few months, Google has been continuously working to change the world of technology. Since the launch of Google Glass, its15 GB free storage on Gmail, Google drive, Google+ photos and high speed internet technology – Google fibre, the company has been in continuous spotlight.

At its I/O conference on Wednesday, Google has announced a lot of interesting new features across all its products.

Google revealed that Android community is growing dramatically around the world. From a total of 400 million android devices last year, there are approximately 900 million activated android devices at the moment. Talking of its app market, 48 billion apps have been installed so far from Google Pla, with 2.5 billion downloads in last month alone.

Google has announced following key changes in its services at I/O conference on Wednesday-

Enhanced Google Play services, which will now allow users to save games across devices, view achievements, leaderboards and let them compare scores with their friends. Its next update will provide multiplayer support for its various google games apps. The users will also be able to invite friends from its Google+ circle.

Its widely used service Google Maps have also been re-designed for its desktop and mobile platforms. In addition to design, the update has gone through a ton of research improvements as well. However, one has to send an invitation for that at the moment for the preview of maps and Google will send out the invitation.

Introduction of Google Play Music All Access,  an on demand streaming music service, as expected. The so called ‘Spotify competitor’ will be available for a cost of $ 9.99 per month and is available on mobile and web platforms. Available only in US at the moment, service will soon launch in other countries. The service isn’t being provided in India as of now.

Google Hangout, available for android and iPhone, will now keep all your shared photos and texts in one stream and allows video chat with entire group of friends. Available on all device, Hangouts is now a new communication hub which integrates video chat service, Messenger, and Google Talk.

In addition to a few changes in the basic outlook of Google+, photos on Google+ will now aims to provide better experience in imaging and others. It will now automatically take out the blurry images and duplicates. Integrated with google maps, the photos will also recognize landmarks. Moreover it will soften the skin tone, remove red eye and will do several other auto edits without any command.

Google Wallet, which will now let users to send money electronically via Gmail. The feature will be rolled out in next few month in US. User will have to link his/her bank account to google wallet for that and can send money to anyone irrespective of what king of email account the recipient has.

Gmail quick action buttons will allow users to respond to a few certain type of emails like accepting RSVP invitations and online ticket confirmations, without having a need to open them. The buttons will be available in next few weeks. Also, this is the first time GTalk will be available on iPhone.

Other updates at I/O conference include redesign of Google Play books for IOS and Android with an all new Read Now feature allowing users to upload files; Introduction of Google Now to desktop, for chrome browser to provide hands free search on desktop and Transfer of Google TV to latest version of Android (Jelly Bean version 4.2.2)  and Chrome (26).

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