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Google, expected to battle with Spotify, starting subscription based music service

The scheduled google IO conference have grabbed the eyeballs of analysts and tech community around the world as according to few publications and one of the leading technology blogs ‘The Verge’ – google will most likely announce the launch of its subscription based music services for its youtube and google play platforms.

Google I/O conference which is due to start in next few hours time from now, will take place in San Francisco, US. The report, published by The Verge also says that the web giant has also signed up licensing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

With Google’s cloud music service, Google Music, users can upload as much as 20k purchased songs on its cloud and can listen to them on their Android devices or on web, but with its music streaming feature, Google will give a tough time to several other music streaming platforms, particularly Spotify, which has over 24 million monthly active users with 6 million paying subscribers onboard at the moment.

Backed by major record labels, Google subscription services would resemble Spotify and will offer on demand songs that would be streamed to their mobile and other computer devices.

The report, which has been picked up by various other publication right after the prediction including ‘The New York Times’ and several other, making it a reliable news than just being a mere rumor.

Music streaming over the years have become a recent trend as listeners increasingly choose to stream songs from apps like Spotify, Pandora, iHeartradio etc; rather than to buy and store individual tracks.

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